Friday, August 2, 2013

Stress Test, Kid’s Jeopardy,

So yesterday I was lucky, maybe you were all crossing your fingers stress_test2for me, I didn’t have to have the nuclear medicine test when they inject Persantine into your vein and you then become radioactive, I had forgotten that part of it, tickled me when I went to the washroom there was a notice saying “To prevent radioactive contamination please sit down to use the toilet”. I remember now there was a sign when I was there last time, saying they would give you a letter if you were about to fly. I used the treadmill and they reckoned if I hadn’t been using my own regularly I might not have coped with it so they were pleased I had been doing regular stints on mine; not as pleased as I was!! Of course I had a robe on unlike the guy in the picture. I had to wait for about an hour then they took some pictures, that was the worst part because I had to put my arms above my head and my shoulder did not like that at all, finally managed to find a spot where it didn’t hurt so much. Had to stay like it for 6 minutes whilst a camera took shots. As far as I know everything seems OK, They said they would let me know. The cardiologist was a Scot made me think of Lass.

That was yesterday, I have to go back again for something else today, resting pictures I believe. It's all very well, but we are up to $32.50 for parking already. It’ll be another $10 today; makes it damned expensive although I suppose, as we don’t pay for the treatment, I shouldn’t really complain. Tell you one thing, I will be wearing long pants tomorrow, that hospital is freezing. I remember they used to keep hospitals dreadfully hot, now they seem to have gone the other way.

Matt and I faithfully watch Jeopardy every day and this week are Jeopardywatching kids of 10, 11 and 12 perform brilliantly. It's odd to me that things I think they would know, they don’t and things about which I have no clue, they can answer. Jeopardy used to be on in the UK but isn’t any more, I wonder why? Presumably it wasn’t popular but that surprises me. I thought, last night, wouldn’t it be great to have kids from lots of English speaking countries competing against one another, too expensive I suppose.

It occurred to me last night that, had our mothers lived, Matt’s and mine that is, they would have been 100 this year. Mine this month. Not something important, but…

Generally I don’t post recipes which don’t appeal to me. Nothing I received by email yesterday did, so its back to Food and Drink. I think a drink would be appropriate today and as I am a Scotch drinker, I chose a cocktail made with Scotch. I would not pollute a good single malt Scotch, but a blend is fine for cocktails. Scotch whisky does not have an e in whisky, Irish and Bourbon whiskeys do. My parents used to occasionally drink a cocktail similar to this made with gin, they called it Gin Mixed.

Beals Cocktail
Beal's Cocktail

By: The Martini Club

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add 1 oz. Scotch, 1/2 oz. sweet red vermouth and 1/2 oz. dry white vermouth.
  1. Stir until well-chilled and strain into a cocktail glass.
  2. Garnish with a twist of lemon.
Have a great day


  1. So glad things went smoothly! We enjoy Jeopardy too, especially when we get the final question!

    Don't care for Scotch or alcohol at all!

    1. It's a great programme.

      Not even wine?

  2. Glad you didn't have to do the really unpleasant stress test. And they do keep hospitals really cold, don't they?

    1. So am I Alex, I was really dreading it.


  3. They are testing the heck out of you, aren't they?

    1. Think its all done now though, thank goodness.

  4. Hi Jo .. just so glad all is well - I read the other posts with complete exhaustion .. and so am glad you can rest too ..

    Have a peaceful weekend and a Scotch or two .. cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary, all over now.

      Scotch coming up fairly soon now.