Thursday, July 8, 2010

Windows, Hospital

I forgot to mention that I did something on my laptop which screwed it up so I had to renew the Windows 7 files on it. Well and good, after a while it asked me for the product code. I had this typed out on my CD for ease of use. I typed in the code it said invalid. Several times. I was in a panic. I ended up phoning Microsoft and, to cut a long story short, it seems when I typed it up I changed a T to a Y. Phew, it worked. Just shows you how careful you have to be.

As I mentioned, this morning I am taking Matt to the local hospital for a minor day surgery op and he should be out about 2:30 I hope. He will phone me when he is ready to come home. I didn’t know if I would be writing a blog or not. I actually typed this on Wednesday night.

Sorry, no recipe, will try and publish a proper blog tomorrow.

Have a great day



  1. hope only good things coming out from this surgery^^

  2. Thanks Gynie, taking a little time to recover, but nothing serious at the moment.

  3. Tai chi should be a good thing to help one in sticking up altogether the pieces disturbed ^^

    i've written a few lines on my blog if you both need some extra things to read and change your minds ^^