Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Rambling

Matt came home from the hospital around 2 yesterday afternoon having had a miserable time. Well you do in day surgery, or any hospital time don’t you? If you don’t know, lucky you. I do like St. Mary’s hospital though, they are such an efficient bunch especially in their Emergency room.

Today its my turn although I only have to have an ultra sound at a vascular clinic and then see the doc about my claudicated arteries. This aging bit is great.

It finally rained last night, or this morning, we need rain badly round here. Usual thing, parts of the continent are flooded and we are heading into a drought. It is still pretty hot round here though, the computer room in particular is like an oven although there is a ceiling fan in here. Generally we really don’t need central air conditioning, but when there is a heat wave like this, I would sell my soul for central air. Being the summer, there isn’t too much of anything on TV at the moment. I ended up watching a movie on my laptop and Matt played Bookworm on the desktop. What a sad life!! We are both counting the days til we head south to visit North Carolina. Our summer league bowling ends with our banquet on the 19th although I suspect we will try and play at least once a week until the winter season begins again.
One thing I did achieve yesterday, I called our provider, Rogers, from who we get cable, internet, land phone and cell phone services. Our cell phone contract ends this month and as we hardly ever use it, I have now arranged for a limited service of 40 minutes a month (last month for instance we used 3 mintues) and less than half the current price. I am also getting a new phone for free. I get a few days to decide if I like it or not, it has a pull out QWERTY keyboard although I'm not sure I will use that very much. I only text one person and that once in a very blue moon.
I have just heard a report on TV saying that because of the Twilight movies young people today are biting to draw blood as a way of showing affection!!!! Trying to pretend they are vampires. How ridiculous. Doctors say this can cause hepatatis, syphallis or HIV. What a dangerous craze. I loved the books: I haven’t seen any of the movies, but if they are causing such a dangerous practice, its not good. I have to admit when I saw the Superman movies, I did want to fly, but luckily never tried it!!! For supper last night I made a Jambalaya recipe I got out of the local paper many, many years ago. A friend of ours in NC used to love this dish and would provide me with tons of shrimp to go into it and then he would keep the leftovers and eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it was all finished. After his surgery Matt said he was only allowed to eat soup, he had nothing but cookies or crackers all day, however, having had some soup when he came home, he ate the Jambalaya for supper. Jambalaya

2 cups water 1 cup rice 1 tsp salt 3 tsp red pepper sce (hot/spicy) 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 garlic clove, crushed 1/2 lb cooked. peeled shrimp (I usually use more) 1 cup diced ham 1/2 med green pepper cut in 1 x 1/4 in strips 4 green onions, with tops, sliced 2 med tomatoes, roughly chopped Bring water to boil, add rice, 1 tsp salt and red pepper sauce. Simmer 20 mins. covered. Remove from heat, let stand approximately five mins til liquid has disappeared. Put in a large bowl. Combine garlic, oil, remaining salt with rice. Add rest of ingredients except tomatoes. Chill a minimum of 3 hours. Stir in tomatoes to serve. Servings: 2 Have a great day


  1. according to vampire, i belevieve since a long time ago that it's a perfect metaphore of our actual social beeings ^^
    We are immortal vampires, as our desires ! more sophisticated than ever, and more rudes, and animals as never. Like victorian way of life i assume.

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