Friday, February 9, 2018

Therapy, Bowling, Snow, Olympics

Matt's therapist came today, Thursday, and has given him some new exercises which are, basically, very similar to what we do in our exercise classes. She made him promise to come to classes with me tomorrow. We'll see. She also told him to get out more and insists he should come to bowling but not bowl yet. He did come with me and even tried bowling a few balls but with little success. I had pretty good games. A lot of people came over to say welcome back to Matt which was nice. On the way home I went and bought those bananas I had forgotten.

According to the forecast we are expecting a load of snow over the weekend. Glad I am not planning to go anywhere.

This evening we watched the Olympic Games. The men's figure skating, short programme. Everyone was raving about Nathan Chen being the best in the world and said how good he was at quad jumps. He blew it. A young Russian ended up in the lead with an Israeli in second place and I think the Canadian was third. Way to go for them.  I also watched the women's moguls - the start of the eliminations - and then women's figure skating came on and I decided I wanted my bed. Scott Hamilton was on the TV team. It is 35 years since he won his gold!!!!

Here is the breakfast recipe which I really have to try soon. Obviously the time will be taken in baking the potatoes in the first place - I don't like my baked potatoes microwaved although I sometimes start them that way. However, to me the best part of a baked potato is the skin.

Breakfast Stuffed Potatoes

Stuffed Breakfast Potatoes are an easy one-dish breakfast solution perfect for feed a group! Cheese,
your choice of veggies, bacon and an egg.

2 large baking potatoes cooked and cooled (see note below for instructions)
1/2 cup cheddar cheese shredded
Fine sea salt and freshly cracked peppercorn medley
2 Tbs chopped vegetables
2 large eggs
1 strip of bacon cooked and minced

1. Heat oven to 400°F degrees. Cut the tops off baking potatoes. Using a spoon, hollow out leaving a 1/8 of potato along the edges and resulting in a potato boat.

2. Set aside the tops and the innards to make Home Fries for another meal.

3. Place a pinch of cheddar cheese, 1/4 of bacon, 1/2 tablespoon minced vegetables and a few grinds of salt and pepper in the bottom of each potato boat.

4. Crack egg directly into the potato boat. Carefully place potato boats onto an aluminum lined baking sheet.

5. Bake for 10 minutes or until whites have set.

6. Remove and allow to cool for 3-4 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

Author: Jessica
Source: Savory Experiments

Have a great day


  1. I made my own bacon and cheese sandwiches for Charlie the other day and froze them. I might try one this morning to see how they came out.
    35 years? Thanks for making me feel even older than I already am.

  2. Glad that Matt got out with you and I a man certain he was happy to see people and talk with them. I have to travel to Fort Erie today...I hope the weather stays calm until I travel back at noon

    1. Yes it was a good thing Birgit. I hope the weather doesn't hamper your journey either. It's a straight road though.

  3. Just keep encouraging Matt.
    All other shows will be on hold at our house while the Olympics are on.

  4. I baked eggs in avocado before and it took a lot longer than 10 min to set the whites.

    1. I sometimes wonder if they exaggerate to get you to try the recipe anyway JoJo

  5. Our city (the Gold Coast) is getting the Commonwealth Games in a few weeks. We are dreading it because of the traffic and crowds. We'll be staying up on the mountain and watching it on the telly!

    1. I bet you will Pinky. I cannot imagine the problems it will cause.

  6. Hi Jo - yes encourage Matt via others, not you ... seems to be the way to go ... probably encourage him to drink more water too - always helps ... he has to exercise then!! Those potato eggs look good ... cheers Hilary

    1. You're right Hilary. I try and get him to drink lots of water.

      Don't they, still haven't tried them.

  7. I don't own a microwave but I have had potatoes in the microwave and I don't like them so much but ... in a pinch, I get it.

    Air fryer baked potatoes are YUMMY 🥔

    1. Well I might start them in the microwave Ivy, but I would certainly finish them in the oven. I like crispy skins.

      Fine if you have an airfryer