Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bowling, X-Ray, Pork Chops, Mislaid Letter, Chinese Dam,

Well it seems we bounced fairly well at the weekend. I acquired a few bruises somehow but Matt doesn't seem to have any. He did have a touch of dizziness but I checked sugars and blood pressure and they seemed OK. He didn't have any problem bowling.

Needless to say we went bowling and in my first game I could do no wrong. I got 4 strikes in a row and ended up with 224. However, my second and third games were nothing to write home about. There were only the two of us on our team and I guess we got tired or something. Matt didn't bowl well at all. Still, after the good game at the beginning my average went up another 2 points. It's a funny game, in the first one I could do no wrong and the second and third I could do no right.

I had a requisition to go for an X-ray (because of my sore buttock which they don't think is sciatica as everyone said) so we went after bowling. It is a fair distance and then I had to wait an hour to go in. X-ray was particularly busy. Decided I might as well wait as we were there. After that I decided Subway was the place to get supper. This lab does all kinds of stuff as well as X-rays and the waiting room was crowded. I actually ended up waiting less than an hour I think.

When we got home I discovered a letter for Matt from the Civil Service in England about his pension increase (1% if you are interested - we will try not to spend it all at once) but although the address is absolutely correct, they had not added Canada. It appears the letter went through the Netherlands to the Czech republic!!!! The British postal service has never heard of Ontario???

An interesting bit of trivia I picked up from How To Geek today: The mass of the water pooled behind the huge Three Gorges Dam in China is so significant that it actually affected the rotation of the Earth, lengthening the day by 0.06 microseconds I am not sure that is a good thing though. Doesn't sound good to me.

Yesterday Bryan (A Beer for the Shower) said he had tried the recipe for Korean Pork Chops and they were awesome. I had kind of forgotten about them I must remember them for this weekend.

I was asked by a friend at bowling for a Christmas Cake recipe so I looked up one I use from Mrs. Beeton. My copy of Mrs. Beeton's Cookery book was printed in 1936.  Not that I have made a Christmas Cake for a very long time as Matt doesn't like them and I don't need them, or my hips don't! Of course I always covered this cake with marzipan and then Royal Icing. Strictly speaking this is not a Christmas Cake, but it is what I used to use and it always made a super cake. We can get mixed peel in Ontario, but I could never find it in North Carolina.

Christmas Cake

12 oz. butter
12 oz. sugar
6 eggs
1 lb all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
12 oz. currants
6 oz. rasins
8 oz sultanas
4 oz. mixed peel
grated rind of half a lemon
3/4 tsp ground cinammon
1.4 tsp. nutmeg
a little milk if necessary
1/2 gill brandy (about 1/4 cup)
1/4 lb almonds

Cream the butter and sugar together in a basin, add the well beaten eggs, one at a time, and brandy, stir quickly. Mix in the sieved flour and baking powder, fruit, 3/4 of the almonds (chopped) and lemon rind. Add a little milk if necessary but the mixture must not be too moist.

Place the cake mixture in a prepared tin, sprinkle over the remainding almonds and bake it in a moderate oven (about 375°F) for about 2-2 1/2 hours. When cooked and firm to the touch, place the cake on a wire rack to cool.

Source: Mrs. Beeton's Family Cookery.

Have a great day


  1. Take care of your health. By seeing your Christmas cake i went back to Christmas days.

    1. I love Christmas Cake but like so many things, it is full of calories.

  2. It doesn't feel like the days are getting longer.
    One really great game of bowling is still good.

    1. No Alex? You can't detect 0.06 microseconds!!!

      Yes, it is good and I felt really pleased.

  3. If you have piriformis syndrome, I don't think it will show on an x-ray.
    Canada kicked British rule to the curb, so maybe this is payback for that. They just say 'the check is in the mail - somewhere'. And, if you call it Christmas cake instead of fruitcake, are folks more likely to eat it?

    1. Probably not Denise but she wanted to see what was going on with my back these days anyway.

      Actually it wasn't a cheque, that comes through automatically. I just phone them and they wouldn't do anything without Matt being on the phone and he was unavailable. Stupid. They wouldn't just add Canada without his say so.

      I love Christmas Cake or fruit cake but it sounds like you are one of the haters. I don't understand why. In England we eat it by the ton at Christmas I think.

    2. My mother was a baker and actually made wedding cakes with fruit cake. Not my favorite.
      If not Canada, where the dickens did they think he was???? Bureaucracy!

    3. I had a wedding cake like that the first time out Denise. We had a tradition, top piece was for the Christening. Just as well I didn't save it LOL.

      Netherlands by the look of it and then the Czech bunch.

  4. Every time I bowl, it's a mixed bag. I'm not real sure what I do wrong or what I do right. It does seems like the harder I try, the worse I do.

    Glad to hear you guys aren't bruised up. Be careful!

    1. Well, as I keep saying Liz, 5 pin is somewhat different. The balls are lighter although you have to be more accurate. And, trying hard is the worst thing you can do.

      I have a few bruises but Matt seems to have escaped.

  5. That is a fascinating fact about the pool of water slowing down Earth. I love reading about things like that.

    1. Me too Pinky. One doesn't always realise the affect things have - I bet the Chinese didn't know they would slow down earth by however small amount. I wonder if anyone has ever worked out with all the dams in the world what the total effect would be

  6. Years ago my mom asked why I didn't send my dad a father's day card. I was perplexed and assured her that one was sent at least a week before father's day. A couple weeks later she calls laughing...it was finally forwarded to them, by way of El Salvador. Apparently E. Sandwich got entered as El Salvador.

    1. Makes you wonder about the intelligence of the postal workers sometimes Jo Jo.