Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tax Offices, Shopping, A to Z.

Grrr. We have been accumulating forms for completion of our taxes Can Rev Agencyfor last year. I have been doing these online for a number of years and to do so we both needed a Web Access Number. This year, no form telling me how to obtain this number. So obviously I went online and ended calling up a bunch of different numbers. I found out I needed last year’s numbers which I hadn’t kept. After a frustrating time, I am finally told I no longer need such numbers. Why on earth didn’t it state this clearly on their web pages? It makes me so mad. If I couldn’t find that out and had trouble connecting to the right office, I think there are going to be lots of people out there in exactly the same boat. I shouldn’t grouse, our forms are a lot easier than the ones they use in the US.

Actually, it’s not been a good day for us. We decided to make a trip Costcoto Costco today (Wednesday) Matt has been to the grocery store first thing (7 a.m.) as he always does – his choice, not mine – and come back complaining about the bitter cold so I was in two minds whether to go or not. However, we set off about 10 a.m. and couldn’t get near the place. They have lots of wheelchair parking but every one was full up and there were no other spots within reasonable walking distance. We turned round and came home. I suppose we could have gone back after lunch but….. We like to buy meat there, they have some of the best lamb around – haven’t eaten any for a long time now. Was going to have a Valentine meal with lamb chops, guess that’s out, no time to go now. Will have to get some steak and ‘make do’. I know, hard done by! We are going to have Chocolate Volcanoes though.

At the instigation of my fearless leader (I am one of her minions I mean Terrific Team), A to Z blog host Tina of Life is Good, I have been visiting some of the blogs listed which have less than 100 followers. The idea is to add yourself to their followers list and hopefully to leave a comment. So if you feel like doing a favour, do click on the link. You can also click on the A to Z link and join in the fun for April. I have a few of my blogs completed, but although I thought I was getting on like a house on fire, I haven’t as many as I imagined I had so I need to flick the whip.

I have posted the recipe before but thought maybe you would like it again because it is an easy chocolate dessert and excellent for Valentine’s. We serve them with a dollop of Double Devon Cream. Only trouble is, the recipe makes 6 which means we will have leftovers. Cold they are like moist fudge and I am not sure I don’t like them better, but… I dread to think what the calorie count is; oops, I looked, 565 without cream. I just found out that one can make the batter, put it into ramekins, cover with plastic wrap and freeze them for up to 2 months. You can then cook them, frozen, at 350°F for exactly 18 minutes. Never tried this of course, but it does mean that for us we won't have to eat them three days running.

Warm Chocolate Cake (Volcanoes)

6 oz Bittersweet Chocolatechocolate volcano
2/3 cup unsalted butter
1/3 cup sugar
6 egg yolks
3 egg whites
1/3 cup all purpose (plain) flour

1. Preheat oven to 425 F (220 C). In heavy pot on low heat, melt chocolate and butter together. Cool slightly.
2. Beat together sugar and egg yolks with electric mixer until thick and creamy, about 4 mins.
3. Pour in chocolate mixture and beat together for 5 mins.
4. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until stiff peaks form, about three mins. Fold into mixture along with flour.
5. Pour into 6 nonstick buttered moulds or non-stick muffin tins (we use cocottes or ramekins). Bake for 5 to 7 mins or until edges are just cooked and centre is still liquid. Cool for 5 mins in cooking dish. Carefully remove to serving dishes. Serve with lightly whipped cream

Servings: 6

Source: Food and Drink

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  1. Hi Jo - form filling of any variety on the net is a pain .. but can completely understand your frustration. The cold does sound rather challenging ... and trying to find parking must be troublesome ... thankfully I always park well away - apart from that tiny extra bit of exercise I get walking to the store ... I'm lucky I can still do it.

    The chocolate cake - aka volcanoes - looks delicious ... just the thing to warm the cockles of your hearts .. while the fact you can freeze the mix makes a lot of sense and good to know about ...

    Enjoy .. cheers Hilary

    1. Not so much form filling as just getting some information. The cold is very challenging. I did NOT want to walk any distance in it. Not that I can walk very far anyway.

      The Volcanoes are delicious, I assure you.

  2. That's really busy for that time of morning. Our Sam's Club doesn't get crazy until the afternoon.
    In addition to listing blogs with a hundred followers or less, today is a listing of photography blogs.

    1. I didn't expect it to get that busy that early either. Gotta try again next week, no time this week now.

      I see that, got the blog after I read your comment.

  3. Sorry about the crowds. The bad weather here has made getting to the grocery stores tough this week. The missus got to Costco yesterday right before the big snow started, so we're all stocked up.

    And taxes. Yay.

    I love Chocolate Volcanos. Have fun with those.

    1. Lucky you, can't get to Costco til next week now. Certainly not going on a Friday.

      Don't actually mind doing the taxes, Ufile makes it all so easy, but it was trying to get the stupid code which isn't needed now anyway.

      I love 'em too. Even at such a high calorie count.

  4. Taxes are a nightmare! I'm sure your cake makes it all better somehow. Wonder if I could make it with gluten free flour...

    1. Not for me they aren't. Just getting the stupid info. Chocolate makes everything better. Don't see why you couldn't make it with gluten flour.

  5. I'm so fortunate (??!!) Being married to a retired tax accountant he takes cares of my tax returns and our finances etc ....

    I'd forgotten/overlooked that tomorrow is Valentines Day but have just checked and I have all the ingredients for your recipe so maybe he'll get lucky tomorrow LOL

    and, we're having grilled lamb chops tonight ... first time we've had lamb for months so looking forward to it.

    1. I don't have any problem actually doing the taxes Sue, just getting the info I needed.

      They are really easy to make. Lucky you with the lamb chops, don't get them too often here.

  6. Yes. I think the tax process was designed to make smart people feel stupid. Oh, and to get money from those who need it most. Needless to say, the second half of this post is delightful. Thanks, Jo.

    Be well.

    1. From all I know of American tax collection, I would say that's true. Canadian taxes don't seem to be nearly as difficult.

      Especially the chocolate eh?