Thursday, November 8, 2012

Obama Wins, More Medical Stuff, CPU Cleaning. Baby Boom.

ObamaSo Obama made it. I know I and most of my Canadian friends are delighted, even the doctor's receptionist who is from Georgia, as are a number of my American friends although there are some, especially from further south, who are not too happy at all. One person I know wrote what, to me, is the most arrant nonsense. Anyway, if there are a number of Americans who didn’t want Obama again, there seem to be a large amount of people from other countries who are delighted he is still at the helm. This is one of the pictures which really appealed to me. Another was one of Big Bird celebrating. As I frequently state, I am not political, but some of the rubbish being spouted by the Romney party scared the bejasus out of me, particularly that ‘legitimate rape’ business a few months ago.

As I said yesterday, I think all we do these days is visit one doctor or another. Matt Walkerwent to see his urologist who said ‘keep up the good work’ and when I complained I couldn’t get to see him for 5 months, he promised me he would see me before Christmas. He also emphasized that I should get my doctor to send a sample for a culture to see what the bacteria was resistant to because many bacteria are now resistant to antibiotics. Like why didn’t my doc. think of that before, she didn’t know this stuff? I have also arranged to get one of those walkers on which you can sit when you need to. I have no idea when I will get my vascular surgery, so I figured this type of walker would be very helpful until such time. It turns out that our insurance pays for the rental which is great. Not sure what I’ll get but this is what I mean. For instance when Matt has his op in December, I cannot walk from the parking lot into the day surgery area; he has to have someone to drive him home. Having written this paragraph I have now discovered I am going for vascular surgery on November 30th. Much sooner than I expected after everything anyone had said. I am so pleased. I guess I won't need the walker after all. I hope.

I mentioned all the dust from the floor when we had new linoleum laid a week or so ago, I ordered some compressed gas for dusting but decided to get my computer guy to come and do it for me. Apart from the pain of having to take off the tower’s case etc. etc. I might blow dust into the CPU instead of away from it. Particularly as the fan is right by the CPU. I also ordered some laptop screen cleaning stuff, don’t what’s happened to that, should chase it up later. My laptop looks like I have regularly splattered it with all kinds of stuff and I promised you I haven’t LOL. No idea how it gets so dirty, dusty I understand, dirty, no way. I had forgotten, but when I saw my computer guy crawling on the floor to check on some of the connections etc. I am very glad I asked him to come in. By the way, his wife knows me because of my recipes, not sure if she reads my blog. She must I think.

Fifty Shades of GreyHow about this, the book, Fifty Shades of Grey has been blamed for a baby boom in Windsor, Ontario. Not quite sure why just there. The local hospital delivered 80 babies in 6 days and the book came out last January. I wasn’t going to bother to read it, but maybe I should. I have heard people say they didn’t think much of it. It certainly wasn’t something that interested me. There are lots of erotic books out there anyway and I usually avoid most of them. I prefer a good story to an erotic adventure from end to end. I don’t need to read about it.

This recipe is from the South Beach Diet site – I am not sure what combination makes Pumpkin Spice, but it sounded pretty good anyway.

Pumpkin Spice Ricotta Crème

Recipe by Bippie.
I just love dessert made with ricotta cheese. I had no idea this was a South Beach Diet thing to do. Here is my favorite way to eat ricotta cheese.

Serves 2.Pumpkin Spice Ricotta Cream


  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Chill for about 30 minutes and serve.
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  1. Hi Jo - good to know the surgery is coming up soon .. and there's not that long to wait .. cheers Hilary

  2. You'll be a new woman Jo. We should perhaps warn the neighbors? lol! Just take care both you and Matt.

    Off to work with me.