Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Today, Monday, was Civic Holiday in this neck of the woods. With the result that not much of anything happened anywhere - or at least in our lives. I tried out a new recipe for our Monday supper which was basically a spaghetti sauce made of garlic, tomato sauce and shrimp. I wasn't overly impressed. The recipe called for bought tomato sauce but I used home made. I found a couple of other recipes I liked, another variation on a Ni├žoise this one was Salmon and sounded good. Another was Char Siu Pork which sounded delicious. The only thing, it calls for a smoker although it says it can be cooked in a regular oven but you wouldn't get the smokey taste. This reminded me that in North Carolina we could buy small bottles of Liquid Smoke and I wondered, a) if it would be a good substitute and b) it it was available elsewhere. Well, well, well, it appears Amazon.ca has it for sale. Now there's a surprise. I only ever knew one person with an actual smoker and he smoked a turkey once - I remember him burning all the hairs on his arms by getting his arms too close to the source of the smoke. I have no memory of whether the turkey turned out OK or not.

Tomorrow, today to you I guess, I have to pick up my groceries once again. This is so much easier for me. I recommend it to everyone I come across, especially if they are working. I know if I were working and could use this service I would do so. In the morning Matt has an appointment to go upstairs to get his ears lowered!! I really should get my hair cut fairly soon too.

I am still counting down the days before I can order my Cannabis. I keep checking their website although I did sign on for their newsletter which is supposed to let me know when the product is available. Not sure why I can't just place my order and they can deliver it when available. I think I might phone them about that.

Keep receiving emails from WWF Australia. Not sure how I got on their list but they are concerning me considerably as many of their iconic animals are on the verge of extinction - not least of which is the Koala. I would hate for any of their animals to go extinct, but I cannot imagine Australia without Koalas. Like China with Pandas. I have just learned, through them, that August 12 is World Elephant Day. More serious is August 1 which was World Overshoot Day. To quote "it marks the day when humanities demand for ecological resources and services exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year". The day is getting earlier every year.

Don't you think this looks delicious?

Char Siu Pork

1.5 kg (3 pounds) boneless pork shoulder
125 ml (1/2 cup) soy sauce
30 ml (2 tablespoons) hoisin
3 ml ( ½ teaspoon) five spice
5 ml (1 teaspoon) sriracha (could substitute 3 ml (1/2 teaspoon) hot pepper sauce)
250 ml (1 cup) brown sugar
5 ml (1 teaspoon) red food colouring

1. Cut pork into 2 by 3 inch cubes.

2. Mix remaining ingredients in a bowl until sugar is dissolved and add pork.

3. Cover and marinate overnight, stirring occasionally.

4. Put in a 300 F smoker until internal temperature reaches 110 F, about 25 minutes.

5. Turn pork and continue to smoke until internal temperature reaches 170 F, about 20 minutes.

6. Cover with foil and let rest for 10 minutes before serving.

7. This recipe can be done in the oven by putting the pork on a rack over a cooking sheet and cooking the pork in a 350 F oven until the internal temperature is 170 F (about 40 minutes) but it will not have a smoky taste.

Servings: 8

Source: OldFatGuy.ca

Have a great day


  1. An actual smoker sounds like a lot of trouble. I say go for the liquid smoke.

  2. I used to smoke my pork shoulders, but it is a lot of work. Now I throw it in the slow cooker with liquid smoke and no one knows the difference, lol. Saw a new series on PBS called Outback. Feral cats have decimated over 30 species in the Outback. They kill just for fun according to the show.

    1. I will follow your advice Denise. How scary about the cats. Killing just for fun is unusual.

  3. My family were fishermen and my uncle smoked salmon all the time. When I ate it, smoked salmon was pure heaven.

    1. Smoked salmon is one of my favourites Diane. There used to be a local restaurant where the owner smoked his own salmon. He also smoked arctic char and that was even better.

  4. I just read Denise’s comment and she is right about the feral cats. Koalas are endangered because the Eucalyptus tree is dwindling due to being cut down and thanis the only thing they eat. I would call the doctor and see about your cannabis. Did it rain in your area? We are in the Montreal area right now but heard our area where we live got nothing.

    1. A pity isn't it though Birgit? I have been directed to a new source of cannabis - I just registered so hopefully before the end of the week. Yup, it rained. Not a lot I don't think though. Say hi to Montreal for me. I enjoyed my visit there some time ago.