Friday, November 4, 2016

Our Park, Our Balcony.

I went on the balcony in my nightdress to get this picture with cranes to the left of me and cranes down below me together with drilling noises.

It has been rainy so the minute I saw the sun on these trees I dashed out there.

Just as well I did, by lunchtime they had blocked our door and were drilling our balcony wall. We headed to the bowling alley as fast as we could.When we finally got back, we found out they had drilled a small semi circle into the foot of our wall which they had then boarded over. The balcony door was now able to be opened again. So what the heck that is all about I don't know. I have noticed other balconies, out front, with the same semi circle cut out. Not very high. So who knows, presumably they do!!!

I bowled like a man, sorry woman, with no arms today. I did beat Matt on the last game but it was nothing to shout about. The alley owner says I don't think positively enough.

This is a recipe from an English source, hence all the metric measures. However, it is very easy to convert these days, just google. Streaky bacon is the kind available in North America anyway. I have never heard of chantenay carrots so provided a link but I assume just everyday carrots will be fine.

Leek and Chicken Filo Pastry Pie

Woman's Weekly recipe The sweet leeks in this chicken pie add a subtle flavour and soft texture to compliment the buttery, crisp filo topping. This recipe includes potatoes in the pie filling to make a
filling meal that the whole family will enjoy. You could use turkey in the place of chicken too, if you fancy it. Serving up to eight people, there'll be plenty of this tasty pie to go around.

75 g butter, melted
2 large leeks, trimmed, halved lengthways and washed, then cut into chunks
150 g diced pancetta
600 ml full-cream milk
3 level tbs cornstarch
2 tbs wholegrain mustard
30 g fresh chopped parsley
250 g cooked chicken in pieces
100 g cooked chantenay carrots
250 g cooked new potatoes, cut into chunks
270 g pack of 6 filo pastry sheets, thawed if frozen
Add more chicken, or some ham and other veg, if you like. Instead of pancetta, you can use 6 rashers of streaky bacon, chopped.

1. Heat 1 tbs of the butter in a large pan, add the leeks, season well, cover and cook slowly for 8 minutes until softened. Add the pancetta and cook for another 3 minutes.

2. Whisk the milk with the cornflour in a pan over a medium heat for 5 minutes to make a thick sauce. Season well and add 1 tbs of the butter, the mustard and parsley and season.

3. Set the oven to 200°C/392°F/Gas Mark 6. Add the sauce to the leeks and stir in the chicken, carrots and potatoes. Spoon into the pie dish.

4. Cut the pile of pastry sheets in half to make 12 squares. Brush butter over them, one at a time, scrunching them into a loose ball and fitting them, side by side, on top of the pie filling. Put the dish on a baking sheet and bake for 35-40 minutes until golden and the filling is bubbling out. Leave for 5 minutes before serving.

Servings: 8

Have a great day


  1. That is such a clear shot - beautiful.

    I don't think I've ever cooked a leek before.

    1. Thanks Diane. I am very pleased with it. I have it as a background on my PC.

      I love leeks. Often make leek and potato soup.

  2. Lovely photo. You're lucky to live next to such a special place. We don't get much in the way of autumn leaf colour here.

    1. Thanks Helen. We get lots round here, don't need to travel to see the colours.

  3. I've used leeks from the grocery store but my friend Shelly digs them on her property and they look totally different. I hope the balcony work won't be too disruptive or long lasting.

    1. Yes, wild leeks look more like green onions JoJo. We used to have them in our yard in NC. Never tried them though. So very much do I.

  4. What a great view - the colours are just splendid this Autumn.

    1. They certainly are Fil. Been the best year round here that I remember.

  5. This is a beautiful picture!
    I started back bowling two months ago after many years not going. I couldn't find my ball, so I bought a new ball, shoes, and a rolling bag! I used it the first time last week. I go every Friday with a senior group.

    1. Thanks Maggie. I was pleased with it. Best I have ever taken I think.

      Way to go although of course you are doing 10 pin and I do 5 pin which is only available in Canada. We have played 10 pin but prefer the 5. Balls are lighter for a start LOL.

  6. The photo is stunning. Autumn is so pretty isn't it. I hope what ever they're doing to your balcony will be an improvement for you.

    1. Thanks Pinky. I guess it will be eventually but it will take time. They have been working since May 5 on our balconies.