Saturday, August 13, 2011

WWII Planes, Domesticity, Meds.

spitfireI have just heard that in England you can have a flying lesson in a Spitfire for the small sum of £5,400 – I think we’ll pop over for a couple of lessons. Apparently in Hamilton you can go for a trip in  a Lancaster for $2,500 for one hour, if you are a member of their club at the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum. Telling Matt about the Spitfire lesson his comment was, they must have added a seat as it used to be a single seater. I like the lettering on the plane in this picture.
I am a lousy seamstress, in fact I am not a domestic goddess of any kind unless it comes to cooking. For some reason, a whole bunch of my clothes needed repair work this last week or so, I am gradually, but very reluctantly getting through it. When I was at Riddlesworth HallRiddlesworth Hall, a boarding school in Norfolk, England, we had to do mending every Saturday morning. I managed to get away with pulling off a button and sewing it on again for a while, but eventually I got  caught and had to do the actual repair. Pain in the you know what. Just Googled for this picture, I have one, but on my PC, I see the school is now co-ed, horrors, when I was there such a thing would have caused shudders throughout the school. Even when Princess Di went there I think it was still just a girl’s school.
I have ‘met’ another relative of Matt’s on line and we have been having discussions about where she fits in with Matt’s family, I think I have finally sorted it out. She is a lot younger than we are. Matt has quite a few relatives in Canada as well as some in Australia. None of mine ever came to Canada as far as I have ever found out.
We have been stocking up on drugs (medications) this last week to make sure we have enough to last us til we come back off vacation. We are lucky that we have insurance plus being seniors we get assistance, so we usually only pay about $3.31 a shot, however, once a year we have to pay a deductible to the government. It gets spread over several items thank goodness. We were a bit took aback to have to pay $60 yesterday though. Thank god for insurance, that would havTest stripse cost a fortune otherwise. Being diabetic I have to get supplies periodically for my glucometer. I get testing strips in wheels of 10 and don’t have to pay a penny for them. Last year on vacation I thought I might run out and discovered that they are $64 a box in the States. More here in fact. I have never understood why I get those free and yet I have to pay full price for the lancets. You can’t use one without the other.
Just to finish off, a friend posted this picture on face book today and I loved it. Do something because people say you can’t.
This seems like a pretty simple pasta dish which I think I might try.

Creamy Leek and Spinach Pasta

By A Nutritionist Eats
WebMD Recipe from
Picture of Creamy Leek and Spinach PastaPasta night may just be a new addition to the weekly menu. Between Carbonara and zucchini linguine with herbs, I’m really not sure why pasta doesn’t make a more frequent appearance. It is delicious, easy, economical, and the possibilities are endless. Although the deliciousness and total disregard for portion control may be part of the problem.
Inspired by this Food & Wine Recipe, leeks are always welcome and appreciated in my kitchen.
This recipe makes 3 servings.
6 oz whole wheat pasta
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 leek, thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 Tbsp garlic and herb mascarpone cheese (or plain)
6 cups fresh baby spinach
parmesan cheese, pepper, and red pepper
Prepare pasta as directed. Heat olive oil in large pan and add leeks and garlic when hot. Season with salt and pepper and sauté until the mixture is soft. Add cooked pasta to pan and toss with mascarpone and spinach. Finish with freshly grated parmesan and red and black pepper.
Total Servings: 3
Nutritional Information Per Serving
Calories: 334
Carbohydrates: 49.3g
Cholesterol: 01mg
Fat: 11.1g
Saturated Fat: 1.0g
Fibre: 6.9g
Sodium: 89mg
Protein: 10.4g
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