Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whales, Hallowe’en, Pianist

I feel this is important enough to pass on to you and anyone else I can encourage to sign the petition.

Will we stop mass extinction?

I've just signed an urgent global petition supporting a new treaty to prevent mass extinction. The petition will be delivered Friday at UN talks in Japan -- check out the email below and sign on here:   


Dear friends,

blue_whaleThere are only 300 northern right whales left, and 99% of blue whales have been wiped out. These majestic giants are endangered species, and their case is being played out across the world, time and again. In fact, one third of all life forms on the planet are on the brink of extinction.

The natural world is being crushed by human activity, waste and exploitation. But there is a plan to save it -- a global agreement to create, fund and enforce protected areas covering 20% of our lands and seas by 2020. And right now, 193 governments are meeting in Japan to address this crisis.

We have just 3 days left in this crucial meeting. Experts say that politicians are hesitant to adopt such an ambitious goal, but that a global public outcry could tip the balance, making leaders feel the eyes of the world upon them. Click to sign the urgent 20/20 petition, and forward this email widely -- the message will be delivered directly to the meeting in Japan.

To read the rest check the link above.

Watching Good Morning America yesterday, I learned that Hallowe’en is the most dangerous time for kids to be killed on the roads. Particularly boys and particularly between the hours of 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. One of the reporters dressed up in a witches outfit, black hat, black cloak and when they turned off the lights and shone headlight type lights at her, you couldn’t see a thing. However, she took off her cloak and she had all kinds of bangles and stickers which reflected light and on the back of her witches hat there was a chem light. Her back itself was covered in reflective stickers and so on. There are two young girls who were both almost killed a year ago and they are circulating bracelets which shine in the dark in the hope of helping other kids on Hallow’en night.

I just discovered a young pianist called Ethan Bortnick who is now 9 years old and apparently first appeared on Good Morning America when he was 6. He has his own special coming up on Public Broadcasting. He has played piano with some quite amazing people including Elton John. This morning he played a jazz piece which he wrote himself having told the story of the piece first – see GMA.com. With Elton he played Chopin. What really irritated me, we didn’t get to hear the whole piece, the programme cut off for the ubiquitous ads. I know ads pay for all this, but for goodness sake, let us see the segments properly. This youngster got me to thinking about genius. I wonder what it is in the brain which produces a genius, Mozart was one and this young man appears to be another.

Here is a very simple recipe from Cooking.com although the recipe source is Eating Well, but really easy to do for a party at either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Date Wraps

Source: Eating Well

Sweet dates and salty prosciutto combine in a tasty bite.


16 thin slices prosciuttoDate Wraps

16 whole pitted dates

Freshly ground pepper to taste


Wrap a slice of prosciutto around each date. Grind pepper on top.

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  1. Maybe they have become too large and like the dinosaur their time is over. The tiger too won't be with us for very much longer.

  2. Not really true if we do something about it. It is man that is killing them off with polution or hunting. This applies to both animals. I am surprised you are so accepting of this.