Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring, Famous people with Disabilities

I was out and about for the first time in a while and discovered that Spring is, indeed, springing, a lot of trees have a slightly green look about them and you can just see the beginning of the unfurling leaves. Spring never takes long to happen here once it starts. Surprisingly I saw lots of well developed daffodils and tulips which didn't seem to be that far advanced last week. They are so pretty aren't they? There are none in the park unfortunately, its not that kind of park. Lots of trees and grass, no formal flower beds.

I have been looking for information on the Good Morning America website on an incredible interview I saw yesterday, but I cannot find anything. Robin Roberts interviewed a woman who has been blind since she was 15. She appeared on the programme beautifully dressed and made up (she does her own make-up) and talked to Robin about the books she has written - several - and how her first books were written with pen and paper and lots of help, now of course there is computer software to help her but of course she had to learn that. She also plays the piano beautifully. Trouble is, I cannot remember what her name is which is why I have been looking for a report on the segment but am unable to find it. I was so impressed with her. One story Robin told was of the woman mixing up her eye liner and lip liner one day and her children commenting on it, she assured them this was the current fashion.

Talking of people with disabilities, we have a programme in North America called Dancing with the Stars which is very popular. We don't in fact watch it ourselves. However, one of the contestants was Marlee Matlin who is very well known over here, she is an Academy Award winner and is as deaf as a post. Everyone is staggered that she could have done all these dance routines when she can't hear the music. Unfortunately for Marlee and her partner, they lost out last night, but to see her dance, you would never guess that she is unable to hear. She has an interpreter with her all the time.

Well, once again I have a busy day, that's the way it is this week. North America loves Pasta, so here is a pasta dish for you.

Angel Hair Pasta with Herbed Chicken
Serves: 4

Source: Jeanne Jones
4 (1-3/4-CUP) SERVINGS

1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons finely chopped onion
1 carrot, cut into small dice (about 1/2 cup)
3 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, (about
12 ounces), cut into 1/2-inch dice
1/2 teaspoon basil
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/8 teaspoon thyme
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1-1/2 cups small broccoli florets
1 (12-ounce) can evaporated skim milk
1 (9-ounce) package fresh angel hair pasta
3/4 cup (or about
2-1/2 ounces) freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Instructions: 1. Heat oil in large non-stick skillet. Add onion and carrot and saute over medium heat until onion is soft but not brown, about 5 minutes. Add some water if it seems dry.

2. Add diced chicken to pan and saute just until no longer pink, about 5 minutes. Sprinkle with basil, oregano, thyme and freshly ground black pepper. Add broccoli, cover and steam for 5 minutes. Stir in milk and warm, but do not allow to boil.

3. Meanwhile, boil water for pasta and cook according to package directions; drain well. Stir pasta into sauce mixture, then add cheese. Cover pan for 3 to 5 minutes or until sauce has thickened slightly. Serve immediately.

Have a great day.

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  1. It is wonderful how some people overcome disabilities. They are too be admired.