Monday, April 14, 2008

Mixed up Babies. What You Can Do With Lego

Can you imagine that happening, but apparently it does. I saw a news report about it this morning. Two mothers were sent home with the wrong babies. Fortunately the hospital realised their mistake straight away. However, other people haven't found out for a number of years and have been devastated to find their child is not the child of their body. It really is a great argument for midwifery. I was very surprised when I first came to Canada to find that everyone went to hospital to have babies and didn't have the midwife in. There are midwives here, but few and far between. When you look at the picture on the left though, it isn't surprising mix ups happen.

I am presently reading a book called The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon. I can really recommend it if you read that kind of book. The author was recommended to me by an Australian writer and I am enjoying it. The book I got hold of is three books in one which makes for a rather big paperback to hold and read. I am not yet sure what else she has written but will be researching it soon.

I have just seen a segment on Good Morning America about Nathan Sawaya who is now a famous artist making sculptures out of Lego pieces. He has exhibitions all over the place and sells these pieces for a lot of money. He just gave the four hosts of GMA a piece each, which he made specially for them. You should have a look at the web site here there are pictures of all the sculptures he has made, some of which are very clever, but don't appeal to me, others, like the bear, I think are delightful. I remember when I visited Disney Village (believe that is called Downtown Disney these days) and saw all the Lego characters on display there, I was absolutely fascinated. Some of the items are so lifelike. The serpent on the right was one of my favourites. The dinosaurs on the left are great too, there is also a space ship and a helicopter on display, all made out of Lego. Not to mention a Lego family just positioned there like a real family might be. Can you imagine the patience it must take to build these things. I don't really remember playing with Lego myself, but I know most kids do at some time in their lives. I remember playing with a building set belonging to someone else where you had real tiny bricks, window frames and blueprints and actually built miniature houses. You could then soak them if you wished to dismantle them so that the "glue" dissolved. I have never seen that set before or since.

We went to M & M's again yesterday to buy some more Chateaubriand and decided to try one of the stuffed chicken breasts they do. We got the ones with Portabella mushroom stuffing. I'm not actually sure it was Portabella, unless it was baby Bellas, or Crimini, but they were pretty good. Its funny we haven't shopped in M & M's for years. Once upon a time their steaks were "tenderised" with something and Matt didn't like the taste. They seem not to do that any more.

One weekend a friend of mine and I both cooked the same recipe which we had got from different sources. She posted her version on our cookery group. This is what she came up with. I don't remember where either of us got this recipe, sorry about that. When I made the recipe, we couldn't find vegetable cream cheese, which would be healthier, but settled for regular cream cheese.

Chicken Stuffed with Heaven
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
4 slices black forest ham

vegetable cream cheese


can of chicken broth

white wine

1 Pound the chicken breasts quite thin. I suggest using a meat mallet to do this. I don't have one so I had to improvise. For everyone's sake, I suggest you do NOT try to pound it thin with a rolling pin. It DOES flatten the chicken, but we are still picking bits off the walls and ceiling. Or maybe you are not supposed to scream "DIE chicken" as you smash it to bits? Regardless, get the chicken flat somehow.
2 While you are releasing all your pent up frustrations on a dead bird, have someone else slice your onions into rings. I used 3 good sized onions. Heat a bit of butter in a frying pan, add a little oil, then add your onions. Caramelize them. I don't cook them quite to that, I prefer cooked to clear. Just before they were done I added a splash of wine to them, and some pepper.
3 While the onions are frying, lay a slice of black forest ham on each chicken breast, then a scoop of cream cheese. Spread out the cream cheese all across the ham. Add some slices of onion to each of the chicken breasts, then roll up and secure with a toothpick. Or six. (HOW do the cooks make the chicken still look good while doing this? Mine looked like stabbed... well.. CHICKENS!
4 Go back to the frying pan that you cooked the onions in. Hopefully your overzealous spouse has not whisked this off the stove and started washing it. Add a bit more oil and a bit of chicken broth to the pan, then brown the chicken rolls on all sides. If it browns too quickly, add more broth.
5 Once the chickens are browned, lay them out in a casserole dish, and add the rest of the onions over the top. Set aside.
6 In the frying pan, pour the rest of the chicken broth and about 1/4 cup of wine. Be sure to scrape the pan to get all the "Good Stuff". Drop in a good dollop of the veggie cream cheese, and whisk until it's dissolved. Pour this sauce over the chicken in the casserole, then bake at 325 for 20 - 25 minutes.
7 This would be delightful with a tossed salad, fresh asparagus and a light fruit cup for dessert.
Servings: 4

Have a great day.

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  1. One often read about baby mix-ups in the past, though it has become almost unheard of now -- here at least, but who knows what happens elsewhere.

    As for the Lego artist. It's his creativity, so I'm all for it. Whatever moves him; I say it's good.