Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chewing Gum, Movie, More Turrón, Wikipedia.

Unbelievably, I heard an article on the radio which referred me to Gumthe DJ’s (Randy White) blog which states that chewing gum can make you smarter. Particularly when doing tests, math or homework. It appears to have been fairly well researched. For years I have hated seeing people chomping gum with their mouths open which is what most people do, and I was “brung” up to believe it wasn’t the thing to chew gum anyway although of course I did as a kid. Now it looks as though people who never chewed might well take up the habit. God forbid. We get enough gum on sidewalks and under tables and desks as it is.

The other night we watched a movie called Angel Eyes starring Jennifer Lopez. Enjoyed it. A slight mystery with a romance. One of the characters played the trumpet and both of us were saying – what’s the name of that tune? - we recognised it, but couldn’t put a name to it, it sounded beautiful the way it was played. I went on to the website for the movie and had to go through all the music which had been used and finally found it, it was Nature Boy by Jon Hassell with which we are both very familiar. Duuuh. Hope you enjoy this version.

I am somewhat upset to learn that the US Government is considering legislation which will damage the free information we get from Wikipedia which to me is a great online resource. I have  been posting the information on Facebook. Wikipedia are practicing a 24 hour blackout of all their information. To learn more read their statement here and if you are an American, please do all you can to prevent your government from introducing their bill in its current form. Piracy is one thing, freedom of information another.

Yesterday I was thrilled to receive a packet of Turrón from Turron Duroa friend in Portugal, she picked it up when she went over the border into Spain. Oddly enough, it is without sugar, i.e. suitable for diabetics. I didn’t know there was such a thing. I also received a 32 Gig flash drive especially for backing up my laptop which I had ordered. It just backs up iTunes for me which is the most important thing, everything else is already backed up elsewhere.

I thought we’d go with a simple Kraft recipe for a chicken curry done in the slow cooker. My only argument with this – I recently read chicken should be partially cooked before being put in a slow cooker as it takes a while for the cooker to come up to a temperature which will prevent any bacteria from breeding. I found the tip about curry very useful, I had never heard that before.

Slow Cooker Chicken Curry

Kraft KitchensSlow_Cooker_Chicken_Curry

What You Need

10 chicken thighs (2-3/4 lb.), skins removed

1 jar (16 oz.) TACO BELL® HOME ORIGINALS® Thick 'N Chunky Salsa

1 onion, chopped

2 Tbsp. curry powder

1 cup BREAKSTONE'S FREE or KNUDSEN Fat Free Sour Cream

Make It

PLACE chicken in slow cooker. Combine next 3 ingredients; pour over chicken. Cover with lid.

COOK on LOW 8 to 10 hours (or on HIGH 5 hours).

TRANSFER chicken to platter; cover to keep warm. Add sour cream to slow cooker; stir until well blended. Serve over chicken.

TACO BELL® and HOME ORIGINALS® are trademarks owned and licensed by Taco Bell Corp.

Kraft Kitchens Tips

Serving Suggestion

Serve over hot steamed vegetables. Or, spoon over 2/3-cup servings of hot cooked brown rice.

Cooking Know-How

Heat releases the fragrant flavorful oils in curry. For optimum flavor, measure the curry powder into a small microwaveable bowl and microwave on HIGH for 30 sec. before adding to the slow cooker.

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