Monday, October 25, 2010

Politicians, Elections, Our Week.

I guess I am pretty naïve or something. I have been sick of watching mud slinging political ads on TV for years, but it was only yesterday that I discovered they tell outright lies and some of what is said is totally untrue. I have never had much time for politicians, but that made me have even less time for them. A total bunch of liars in my opinion. I could use several other words but won’t do so here.

Tomorrow is local election day here – it will be interesting to see the results. The Americans are also voting in a few days and Mr. Obama is campaigning for all he is worth. Things are not much better in the States than when he took over and so he is being blamed. I guess people thought he was a superman not just an ordinary person. They seem to think he should have been able to wave a magic wand and fix everything that’s wrong.

Meanwhile, we are bowling once again today and I wish I had that magic wand to enable the pair of us to bowl better. Then this week Matt gets his Loop Monitor for two weeks which will make him really happy. Thursday we have our first travel league for bowling and some of us are going to the My Thai restaurant opposite the bowling alley, some of the group don’t like Thai food so they are going to a different place. Can’t please everybody I suppose.

On Saturday I promised you this recipe. Its very simple to do and absolutely delicious. The instructions say to turn the tortilla over, but this isn’t easy so I just wrapped the handle of my pan in foil and put the whole thing under the grill to brown off.

Tortilla des Patatas

3 Medium-sized potatoesTortilla-de-patatas
1 Onion (optional)
3 Eggs
oil (olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil are good)

1. Peel the onion and potatoes.

2. Cut the onion into thin pieces. Add plenty of oil to a frying pan and let them fry until they turn brown

3. Dice the potatoes while the onions are cooking. Season them as desired and add them to the frying pan.

4. Fry everything together over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until everything turns slightly brown.

5. Remove the pan from the heat and drain the oil

6. Beat the eggs in a large bowl, and add the potatoes, onions.

7. Add a little bit of oil in the frying pan and add the mixture. Cook the egg until it sets up, first on high heat, and then over low heat.

8. Turn the tortilla over so that it browns on both sides. You can serve hot or cold.

Servings: 4

Author Notes
The tortilla de patatas, which literally means "potato tortilla", is a very typical Spanish dish, similar to a frittata.


  1. Our next presidential election is scheduled for May 2012, yet our politicians have been campaigning for more than a year now.

  2. That's what happens in the States although maybe not quite as long. Certainly a year for Presidential elections. Drives us up the wall as the TV is littered with political ads. Bad enough with regular ads.