Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glenda Larke, Chris Cuomo,

One of my favourite authors, Glenda Larke of Tropic Temper, is off to Virginia tomorrow to babysit for her daughter, long trip from Malaysia. I just wish it was later in the year, we will be passing through Virginia on our way to North Carolina and I would love to meet her. Her new book, The Last Stormlord, is off to the printers and will be available in Australia in about 6 weeks, I can't wait. I have loved everything she wrote so far and am confident I will love this next trilogy when I get hold of it. How long before its on the North American market I'm not sure. She also has one book out as Glenda Noramly which I also love. As you know, I am forever quoting stories from Good Morning America, now the news anchor, Chris Cuomo, has his own web page here with stories about his trips and news items he is involved with - you can also find his biography. He encourages you to write to him about AmeriCAN events in particular (Americans doing something special). Plus you can follow him on Twitter. I just discovered he is also on Primetime too, in the evenings. Busy man. Mind you I have never figured out how these people get up so early to do GMA and then appear on other programmes in the evening as they often do. They can't have a whole heck of a lot of home life. Its shopping day today and we have friends coming for dinner on Saturday so I need to get cracking. I still have to make some Basil Pesto (I think Matt is going to allow me to raid our basil plants at last LOL). So I can make the Heirloom Basil and Tomato Tart for a starter maybe. Lots of people seem to be using cedar planks to barbecue their salmon these days, we don't have a barbecue as we live in an apartment, but I did eat planked salmon at a friend's house once, it was very good. Here is a recipe from Food TV. Actually, a friend has an electric barbecue at their place and I am seriously considering we should buy one. Maple Planked Salmon with Grilled Lemon * Courtesy of: Chef at Home * Yield: 4 A recipe is merely words on paper; a guideline, a starting point from which to improvise. It cannot pretend to replace the practiced hand and telling glance of a watchful cook. For that reason feel free to stir your own ideas into this dish. When you cook it once, it becomes yours, so personalize it a bit. Add more of an ingredient you like or less of something you don't like. Try substituting one ingredient for another. Remember words have no flavour; you have to add your own! * 1 cup pure maple syrup * 3 x heaping spoonfuls grainy mustard * 3 x 6 oz salmon fillets * 2 x lemons, cut in half * 2 x cedar planks or untreated cedar shingles, soaked in water overnight Directions: 1. Whisk together the maple syrup and mustard and pour into a zipper bag. Add the salmon filets and seal the bag. Mix it around using your hands to make sure the fish is completely covered in the marinade. Place in refrigerator for a few hours or even overnight. 2. Heat an outdoor grill to high, or build a campfire, and after it has died down a bit carry on. When you are ready to cook, pull the planks from the water and toast one side of them over the open flame for a few moments. Dry the surface and lightly char it then place the salmon on it. Place on a rack over the fire, or onto the preheated barbeque. Cook until the salmon is firm to the touch, and barely cooked through in the centre, approximately 8 to 10 minutes. 3. Meanwhile place lemons, cut side down, onto the rack and grill until warm and juicy. Have a great day.


  1. I grow my own Basil and Mint. Not that I use them for cooking (you know me, Jo!) but for the aromas on the terrace.

  2. I couldn't do without our herbs, we use them all summer long. I love to have Rosemary and Thyme amongst others. Time you got cooking again girl.