Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Living to 150, Howl at the Moon

Well I was disappointed to discover that you would have to drink something like 3,000 bottles of wine a day to get the anti-aging benefits. Damn, even I couldn't do that, LOL. In fact, it turns out that red wine does have a property which retards aging, it is called resveratrol, so companies have found a way to concentrate the resveratrol into pill form which they are presently testing and hope to present to the American Food and Drug Administration within 5 years. I then decided to research the internet and find all kinds of people are selling resveratrol already, now I wonder????? There was some mention of it helping with diabetes amongst other things such as heart, brain (alzheimer's) and kidneys.

Several scientists and professors were interviewed during the programme and they see no problem in being able to extend life in the future to several hundred years and maybe even to 1,000. They have already worked on making a new heart in the laboratory from stem cells and say that eventually every part of the body will be replaceable allowing for longer, healthier lives. One problem I foresee is excessive overcrowding. In all the sci fi books, people can already live on the moon and various colonised planets which would help considerably, unfortunately we have not yet managed to do this so the thought of all the millions of people living to 1,000 years is absolutely horrifying, they couldn't allow many people to have children until some of the oldsters died off. We were also told that there are something like 50,000 centenarians in the US today some of whom were on the programme showing them leading healthy, active lives. Water skiing was one activity shown, driving their cars and caring for their homes on their own. They also partake of healthy sex lives and generally enjoy life so we were told. Nor do all of them live in senior's homes. The point being that it is no longer unusual for people to live beyond 100 years.

So, maybe there's hope for me yet.

Because we had a busy day, yesterday, we went out for supper at a restaurant literally just down the road from us, its called Howl at the Moon. Matt had Chicken Parmesan and I had a schnitzel, we both had a Caesar salad which was part of the deal. The salad was delicious, but huge, they also brought a garlic loaf for us, I made the mistake of eating a couple of slices, then our main course arrived and was big enough to feed a couple of armies. I had two pieces of schnitzel, some vegetables and a mound of rice, Matt had a large piece of chicken and an absolutely huge portion of fries, they were delicious fries mind you, I pinched a few of them. I ended up with a doggy bag, I very seldom have to do that. This, to me, was a typical example of the over large portions in North America. No wonder obesity is a problem. I did have a glass of red wine so that should help, well that's my excuse as well as giving me some resveratrol.

I always think of a schnitzel as veal, but mostly around here, which is nevertheless predominantly a German community, it is usually pork.


4 6 oz. veal cutlets
3 tbsp. Parmesan cheese, grated
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp. parsley, minced
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 c. milk
6 tbsp. butter
Juice of 1 sm. lemon
Salt and pepper to taste

Pound meat very thin. Lightly dredge each cutlet with flour. Combine 2 tablespoons flour, cheese, egg, parsley, seasonings and milk. Beat smooth. Dip floured cutlets in batter. Cook over low heat in 4 tablespoons butter until golden and tender. Keep cutlets hot on warm serving platter. Heat remaining 2 tablespoons butter until darkened; add lemon juice, stir to blend and pour over cutlets. Garnish with parsley. Note: This dish becomes Schnitzel Holstein if a fried egg tops each cutlet before sauce is poured over all.

I copied this recipe directly hence the different colours.

Have a great day.


  1. I watched the Barbara Walters special on aging too and found it
    interesting but not for me since I have an almost-seventy year-old, worn-out body already. I am doubtful of a future overcrowding of the earth though; probably only the very wealthy will be able to afford the "new" body parts.


  2. I am 70 this year too BB but would still love to live longer if I could. I don't feel worn out, but I am doing what I can now to improve myself, and be healthier. As far as new body parts is concerned, that may well be true in the US, but in countries with social medicine, these items may well become available to everyone eventually. I am thinking of ordering some resveratrol to give it a go.

  3. Jo -- Would you want to live to a thousand years? Count me out. Some people say that the 'wine-is-good-for-you' thing is an invention by wine growers to get us to drink more.

  4. I'm not sure I'd want to live 1,000 years but I think I would like to live quit a bit more than my three score years and ten. Although 1,000 would be exciting to see what happens in the future and how many of my favourite sci fi theories come true.

    No it is a scientific fact today that resveratrol is good for you and this is actually present in grape skins I understand. However, as I said, you would have to drink over 3,000 bottles a day to obtain the benefit, which is why they are concentrating it into pill form.