Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday and Friday

Thursday we went to see our friend who had had spinal fusion surgery in her neck, apparently the first op pinched a nerve but they didn’t know this at first and had to perform a second op, I think I would be suing for all the extra pain and suffering, sounds like she certainly had plenty of it. If it weren’t for another mutual friend who stayeMediterranean Pizzad with her, things might have been even more difficult for her. I am glad she is getting better and hope she continues to improve. We had pizza for lunch, from Domino’s, one of them was a Mediterranean vegetarian pizza, delicious. Must check if that is available at home, we don’t eat pizza a lot, but this is certainly worth bearing in mind. It seemed more like a genuine Italian pizza than some of the ones you get served over here.

Although I am sorry we are leaving at the end of the week, there is another storm, TS Ophelia, heading into the Atlantic as well asShore Em lsle another behind it. Not only that, there is a piece of space junk the size of a school bus which is going to be re-entering earth’s atmosphere soon, luckily most of that will burn up apparently, but there will still be some sizeable chunks. The odds of getting hit are vaster than the odds of getting struck by lightening which is 1 in a million. This is a picture of the beach taken from Bogue Inlet Pier

Matt has taken the car in for an oil change this morning, a precautionary measure. Not really sure what we are doing today, nothing special planned.

Sorry no recipe today, feeling a bit under the weather. Long story will tell all maybe next week. Suffice to say didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.

Have a great day


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