Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Exercise Gene, Monster Croc. No Sex Please We’re French?

A report I read yesterday says that McMaster University in  Hamilton may have found the exercise gene. In fact they have been researching mice and such results do Exercisenot apply to humans. Pity I was hoping they would soon be able to give me a shot. I have never been much of a one for exercise of any kind, I used to avoid gym at school and also games periods when I could. I have never really changed although when we lived in the States I did walk 4 miles a day. I still walked when we first came back to Canada and then for various reasons had to quit, mostly health. At least I now have a treadmill to use, but still don’t have the enthusiasm I would like.

In news yesterday; they have caught a 1 ton 21 foot crocodile in  the Philippines. That’s a bloody big crocodile. They now sGiant Crocodileay that there might be an even bigger one lurking in the creeks round about. It is reportedly the biggest wild crocodile caught in the Philippines in many years and they believe it is 50 years old. I am pleased to say they are not killing it but putting it in an  ecotourism park. Just look at that picture, (click on the pic in the article to enlarge) it really is a monster creature. A child was killed by a croc a couple of years ago but the croc was never caught. There is a fisherman who has gone missing lately too but they caused this animal to regurgitate and there was no sign of human remains. Could be the other one!!!!

Here’s an odd story, a woman sued her French husband for lack of sex in their marriage and asked for $14,000 which she got. I cannot believe that a Frenchman, with their reputation, could be accused of lack of sex.

I saw a recipe for Tortilla de Patatas (Spanish Potato Omelette), something we both enjoy, it made me think of the time we made it as part of a Tapas meal for some friends, and the husband went nuts about the potato omelette and couldn’t get enough of it, we should have made two. Anyway, here is a recipe I found from Euroresidentes – the main recipe doesn’t include onion which is what we always used, also they call it a Spanish Omelette; a rose by any other name…….

Easy quick recipe for Spanish omelette
(Tortilla Española)
a delicious potato omelette which can be served as a tapas, warm, cold with salad....Tortilla de Patatas
Ingredients (for 3 people):
4 eggs
1/2 kilo potatoes
Olive oil (one glass, or 1/4 litre)
Steps:1: Wash and cut the potatoes into thin slices. Heat the oil in the pan, and add the potatoes and salt. Fry, stirring occasionally. Tip: If you prefer the potatoes to be soft, use a spatula to mash them as they are frying. As soon as they are a golden colour, remove from the pan and put the potato mixture either in a sieve or on kitchen paper, so that as much oil as possible drains away or is absorbed.2: Beat the eggs well with a pinch of salt, and add to the potatoes. Mix well.3: Put two small spoonsful of olive oil in the frying pan, so that the bottom of the pan is covered with a thin layer of oil. Once the oil is hot, add the potato and egg mixture. Tip: shake the pan gently as you move the mixture, so that none sticks to the bottom. Once the omelette seems to be cooked, use the lid of the frying pan (or a large plate) to tip the omelette out of the pan, add a little more oil and slide the omelette in again, this time putting the less cooked side first into the pan. If you need to repeat this step, so that the omelette is perfectly cooked and golden on both sides, you may do so. This omelette is delicious hot or cold.
Use quality ingredients:
Olive oil: Ciao recommends Aceite Carbonell. This page may also help you to decide:
Use good-quality potatoes
Other versions:
Spanish omelette with onion and potato: the process is the same. All you have to do is cut two onions into thin slices, and add them to the oil just after adding the potatoes.
Spanish omelette with almost anything: other ingredients Spaniards sometimes use in their Omelette recipes include ham, cheese, mushrooms, artichokes, spinach, chorizo...
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