Friday, February 26, 2010


Right now it is Friday evening, we made it to Hamilton OK, the roads were "bare and wet". We are staying in a Sheraton Inn which is not an inexpensive place to stay. Everywhere is fairly luxurious, but you have to pay for everything. To get wifi you have to go to a special area - it is not available in the room, however, you can use cable at a cost of $10 a day!!!!!! They charge you for breathing here. We have just been down for dinner, having described the hotel to you, we found the dining room had a very mediocre selection on the menu. They have a cafe/bar where you can also get food, so why, do you suppose, are they serving burgers in the restaurant? The most exotic fare was lamb shanks and they were very expensive. More so than the fillet steak I ended up having preceded by a Caesar salad which really wasn't. Instead of croutons (which I forgot to cancel anyway) there was a small bruschetta with tapenade. Not bad. However, the dressing on the salad seemed to be oil and one received a huge piece of lemon to add the juice. The garlic seemed to be almost non existent and the Parmesan was shaved slices of cheese. My steak however, which I requested blue rare, was good as were the accompanying vegetables, the sauce and the baked tatie. I had a very expensive glass of wine, paying more for the wine than I would for the whole bottle in the liquor store. Finished up with a crème brulée which wasn't bad. However, for such an expensive hotel, I was very disappointed in the whole restaurant experience.
Saturday: Well I had a good morning bowling and ended up with plus 49 pins above my average so I don't need to hang my head in shame. However, the winners all had more than 100 pins above average, 7 of them??????? Very unusual to say the least.What a huge bowling alley, they must have had something like 48 lanes, they had our tournament on one side of the building and another tournament on the other side. Its been snowing all morning, wet stuff not laying but making the roads wet and its kind of damp and chilly more like England than Canada. We ended up going next door to the alley and getting a Sub at Subway for lunch. We are in the city of 100 waterfalls, I wrote about that once before. However, it isn't the kind of weather for that kind of sight seeing. No access to recipes today so that's it for today.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Five pin bowling, Jo? I've not heard of that before. I only know about ninepins and ten pin bowling.

  2. Hope the rest of the trip will be more exciting gastronomically.

  3. Uh oh, you obviously haven't been reading my blog devotedly Satima LOL. 5 Pin bowling was invented in Canada 100 years ago and is basically only played here. It is more difficult than 10 pin as you have a much smaller ball and only 5pins. We like the game much better than 10 pin although we have played that in the States occasionally. There are 10 pin alleys here too.

    Gastronomically things never did improve Marilyn.