Saturday, February 20, 2010


I don't usually post two blogs in a day but recently I have been drawn to the plight of tigers, in particular, and protected species' smuggling in general and today I discovered this website which I hope you will look at. Warning, it shows pictures of dead tigers slaughtered for their body parts. The site is Malayan Tiger where they are not only telling you of the problems but asking for your support which I hope some of you may be in a position to give, even if you only buy a T shirt or a car sticker. Of course the tiger is a romantic or appealing animal but there are many species of lizards and other exotic and rare animals such as pangolins which need our help and vigilance. The Malayan Tiger site has a phone number to report crime, but for the rest of us, our local World Wildlife would be a good place to report such crimes. Most of us will never come across any, but if you can at least support the work of those who are fighting against such abuses it will be very much appreciated. I mentioned the other day that there are less tigers in the wild than there are in captivity in the U.S. Zoos fine, but the fear is that many of these captive tigers will be used for 'parts' smuggling too. Have a great day


  1. Tigers are beautiful, but unfortunately also very dangerous.

  2. If things keep on the way they are, there won't be any around to be dangerous.