Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weather, New Year's Eve.

Last night the snow and cold were so bad, the roads so icy - black ice - that our friends had to cancel their visit to play cribbage. And there's Glenda Larke (Tropic Temper this page) posting gorgeous pictures from her family holiday on Pangkor Island, Perak, Malaysia. Lots of warmth and sunshine. Is my skin a sickly shade of green, I expect so. Still, I guess we can't complain, we are in Canada after all. Although this year we had such a lousy summer, more like a British summer, and they had a good one this year. Meanwhile we have all the politicians pussyfooting about at their various ecology summit meetings such as the current one in Copenhagen. I thought it was just leaders of countries there, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is attending and he is a State Governor?? I cannot believe anyone is ever going to do anything worthwhile about global warming. Especially as now you have a cadre of people saying it really isn't as bad as we have been told. I don't care: stop it now before it's too late. Something I heard about for the first time this morning although I understand it started in 2008, you can ride a stationary bike to help light up the year numbers in Times Square on New Year's Eve. There is an article from last year which you might like to read. The power is stored in giant Duracell batteries. When the New Year's Eve ball drops, the numbers for the current year light up, powered by these batteries. What a great scheme. To me, and many others, it isn't the New Year until the ball drops in Times Square. Some people don't even worry about it and go to bed, but New Year's has always been special to me. Funny I haven't any Scot's blood and they celebrate Hogmanay. Last night I sort of invented a pasta dish. Having cooked the pasta and also cooked some shrimp, I mixed asparagus pesto and sour cream, folded in the shrimp and combined with the spaghetti. You could do that with any pasta of course. It was pretty good. Talking of shrimp, many people will be giving parties in the next week or two so Eating Well have come up with some useful appetizers and nibbles. Here is one. I would not, of course, buy my shrimp cooked, but if you do it certainly speeds up the process. Shrimp & Avocado Canapes From EatingWell: Fall 2004, The EatingWell Diabetes Cookbook (2005) Precooked shimp make this pretty appetizer a snap to prepare. 16 pieces Ingredients * 16 whole-wheat crackers * 1 avocado, cut into 16 slices * 16 cooked shrimp * Lime wedges Preparation 1. Top each cracker with 1 slice avocado, 1 shrimp and a squeeze of lime juice. Have a great day

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