Saturday, December 26, 2009

'Tis the Season for Much Cooking,

Well Christmas is over for another year. Some of us survived and some of us relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. We had a good Christmas Eve with a friend coming to dinner, she was fed on Convent Eggs, Chicken Therese and plain Cheesecake (Matt's favourite, he doesn't like any kind of topping) scattered with raspberries for us but not for Matt. then we had an enjoyable evening just chatting up a storm. Earlier in the day I had made a flourless chocolate cake for Boxing Day, I somehow managed to scatter chocolate everywhere. Once it was cooled, it turned out to be a little wonky, hopefully it will taste OK. THE day my husband, who had assured me I would get nothing because I had received my laptop earlier in the year, presented me with a bottle of Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch, sipping whisky. I returned the favour with a bottle of Strega, the Witch, an Italian liqueur he likes. We spent a quiet day having ham and champagne cocktails for lunch and then turkey breast for dinner followed by some Christmas Pud. Matt phoned his kids in the UK and I got a complaint from one sinlaw, because there was no blog on Christmas morning, give me a break *g*.

Having spent lots of time worrying about this large lump of pork we have to cook, it was suggested on Christmas Eve that I cook it overnight, so after some internet research, I put it in the oven at 9 at 250°F (actually the first half hour at 550°F) on Christmas Day and hopefully it will be ready about 1 p.m. today, Boxing Day. This morning it is cooking away nicely in the oven and should, hopefully, be ready for 1:00 p.m.

Been quite a Christmas with someone trying to blow up a Delta plain in Detroit and someone else knocking the pope to the floor. There really are some weirdos around.

So, I have a busy day ahead, gotta go peel shrimp right now. No recipe this morning, I figure you don't need one after all that stuffing for the last couple of days. A nice turkey sandwich would be good - and please put butter on the bread.

Have a great weekend

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