Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogs and Tea Chests.

I am definitely considering a new blog as I don't seem to be able to change anything on this blog once Blogger has made its decision. The fact that Blogger is mostly run by computers and not humans doesn't help. As I mentioned before, I can't use labels even though I have deleted lots. It knows I reached 2,000 and can't register the fact that I reduced that number. Labels may not seem important, but it is a way for new readers to find me when they are Googling for a particular subject. So, when I finally do start a new one, I will make the announcement here and I hope all my faithful readers will move to my new blog. Having written all that, it would seem that I can use labels again after all, so we shall see. On Good Morning America, Sam Champion does a segment called Just One Thing. This morning it was 'Green Your Move'. The indications are that people in America (and presumably North America) are regularly on the move and using cardboard boxes to pack their belongings. The advice is to get special storage boxes which last forever and then can be recycled into something else. Read here which seems like a good idea except, I was wondering, in England we used to use tea chests for moving and they lasted forever. These are the chests in which tea was shipped from tea growing countries into the UK. Presumably they are still used. I know I had some tea chests for years and certainly used them to come to Canada from England. Storage becomes a problem but if people are moving that much, you can always pass them on. Recipezaar are doing a section on Hallowe'en drinks for adults saying "don't let the kids have all the fun" this one was posted to Recipezaar by Alia and sounds a goodie to me, I am a fan of champagne, so would definitely stick to the recipe. Black Shadow Recipe #258256 This turns out a nice dark colour and is a sweet fruity drink. I like to make it with sparkling wine as I'm not a huge fan of champagne. by *Alia* SERVES 1 * 1 ounce blue curacao * 1/2 ounce creme de cassis * champagne 1. Shake together Blue Curacao and Creme De Cassis in a cocktail shaker with ice. 2. Pour into flute glass and top up with chilled Champagne. Have a great day.


  1. Jo, the cocktail drink sounds to me familiar. It's a cross between a Kir Royale and a Marquerita. Where does it hail from, do you know>

  2. No I don't know where it comes from Marilyn, just found it in Recipezaar where they published several Hallowe'en drinks. Kir Royale is a favourite of mine.

    Did you mean Marquerita or Margarita, didn't know there were two with such similar names. I have never heard of the first one although I do enjoy a Margarita once in a while.

  3. Now I'm sorry, I didn't think of that. But then a Margarita doesn't have curaƧao in it. There are a lot of cocktails that do mind you, we tried making quite a few when we were on holiday with the family one year. I ended up with a blue tongue.