Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Groundhog, Books, TVs, Birthday,

Well, Wiarton Willie saw his shadow yesterday that means 6 more weeks of winter. I wish. I think we will get a lot more than that. Even London, England, got 6 inches of snow today. They are thrilled. If I had known, I could have shipped them a load of the stuff *g*. I am not sure why Wiarton Willie is always albino, but the last two have certainly been white. I have just been reading what Wikipedia have to say about this groundhog. Apparently the first one died at 22 yrs just 2 days before Groundhog Day. They didn't have another one handy at the time so if you want to know what they did read here. Hey, Glenda, I have found another of those big statues. This is one of Wiarton Willie. I have just finished reading The Guernsey Literacy and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. It is a delightful story. It is set in 1946 and is the story of a writer with nothing to write about. She is contacted by someone from Guernsey who has happened to pick up a Charles Lamb book she once owned. This begins a long correspondence with him and the members of the society and stories of their time during German occupation. In then end she decides to go to Guernsey (which is one of the Channel Islands) to meet all her new found friends and to pursue her book. A really good story, told in letters by all the characters who become real as you read. I thoroughly recommend the book. I have now begun the last in the 5 book series by David B. Coe called Weavers of War which brings together all the disparate characters who will fight a battle for the Forelands. I know at least two of the characters survive, they are the main protagonists in another series - or at least the beginning, but who else survives and who wins, I have no idea and with David Coe, you cannot be sure that the goodies will prevail. An excellent series. We dropped in to see some friends yesterday and they have just treated themselves to a digital TV with HD plasma display and I was very impressed with the picture. It really looks as though you could stick out your hand and shake the hand of people on the screen. The British have always had a better picture than the one here, I don't know how this one would stack up. I am no TV technician, but it was something to do with the lines, we only got 425 and the British had 625 which made for much better clarity. I haven't even got a flat screen monitor for my computer, sigh. Tomorrow is Matt's birthday and I haven't bought him a thing. He doesn't know what he wants and I sure don't, I struggled enough at Christmas - we are not even going out for dinner, but having a special meal in. His choice obviously. If we go out, Matt will not let me be the DD so he can only enjoy one glass of wine or so whereas he can drink more if he wants when we are at home. One of the major problems of aging is you have most of what you want, or can afford and there isn't much left to buy. Unless you are a computer geek and gadget freak of course, then there are always lots of things to get. A flat screen monitor for instance LOL. Back to my Best Three and Four Ingredient Cookbook. I just came across this recipe and it sounds delicious. Smoked Salmon and Chive Omelette The addition of a generous portion of chopped smoked salmon gives a really luxurious finish to this simple, classic dish. Serves two 4 eggs 1 Tbs chopped fresh chives 2 oz. smoked salmon, roughly chopped From the store cupboard knob (pat) of butter salt and ground black pepper Beat the eggs until just combine, then stir in the chives and season with salt and pepper. Heat the butter in a medium-sized frying pan until foamy. Pour in the eggs and cook over a medium heat for 3-4 minutes, drawing the cooked egg from around the edge into the centre of the pan from time to time. At this stage, you can either leave the top of the omelette slightly soft or finish it off under the grill (broiler), depending on how you like your omelette. Top with the smoked salmon, fold the omelette and cut in half to serve. My Note: I consider myself an omelette maker par excellence. I always add a little water to my egg mixture and I would never broil my omelette (unless I was making a fritatta). Once you have folded the omelette it will continue to cook until you eat it and will have a deliciously tender centre with a much better mouth feel. Another thing I personally would do, as this is only for two, I would make each omelette individually. Gives a much better result. Have a great day.


  1. Jo -- Paris has had her fair share of the snow too. Looked beautiful.


  2. From what I hear, Europe has had another dollop today.