Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday Night

Well, having cooked ourselves silly for a couple of days, our party was very successful and everyone seemed to enjoy everything, in particular the Lamb and Feta Cigars and the Scotch Eggs. The cake was a big success too. This is Matt cutting it and everyone waiting patiently for it and the cream. From the reactions I think some of my guests could have enjoyed the large bowl of cream on its own but the cake improved it. After we had finished stuffing eating, we cleared the table and played Sjoelbak. This is a Dutch game which we first came across in 1987 when we went for Christmas in the Muskokas. It could be described as a kind of shuffleboard. Two of our guests last night originate from Holland or the Nederlands and have their own Sjoelbak board. I bought ours for Matt in 1988 but of recent years we haven't played the game very much. In the end, after much hilarity, Matt won but he was given significant help by two of our guests *g*. If you are interested in reading more about the game click here for the rules. I am not sure we follow them exactly but one of our Dutch friends decided he would like to check them so I googled this morning and found you are only supposed to play one round at a time. Not that that matters of course. Today we are going with some of the same friends to Elmira to bowl - just a fun thing. We used to go with our travel league, but they have dropped out as no-one wants to travel apparently. Also today, I am sick of food and cooking, so I am being thoroughly lazy and not giving you a recipe. Have a great day.


  1. It sure was Satima. Really enjoyed playing the game again after so long. They are a good crowd. Too much food though.