Friday, December 5, 2008

Pantomime, Stratford Festival, Theatre

We (a friend and I) set off early to get to St. Jacob's to see our pantomime, we had time to kill so went to a local outlet mall where, in a kitchen utensils store I found a glass lid for our frying pan (I had broken two lids) so I bought it, having phoned Matt to find out what size I needed. I also bumped into an ex neighbour who recognised me and knew my name but I am ashamed I didn't remember hers. Its a few years since I last saw her. We had good seats in the theatre, not too close to the stage thank goodness. I had chosen the right row. My friend had never been to the pantomime before so I told her what to expect and the programme itself told her she was supposed to boo the baddies and cheer the hero. It was, as usual, very well done with lots of funnies and lots of stuff for both kids and adults. Being Cinderella, the baddies were the ugly sisters (played by men) and at the end of the show the audience was asked what to do with them and a young girl shouted out "get rid of them" the whole audience cracked up it was so funny. I think it was the same youngster who was up on stage a little later to help sing a song and had us all laughing then too. One thing I was a little puzzled about, they used music from well known shows and films, I wondered if they had to pay royalties to do so. There was one song I knew was from Oliver Twist and another from Les Misérables to name a couple. I think the script may have been from an English pantomime as there was at least one joke which I would think probably wasn't appreciated by a Canadian audience. I was told, by a friend very involved in stage work, that you cannot change the script of a show you produce. When I got home, I had received the catalogue of shows from the Stratford Festival for next year. I believe I mentioned we have a Stratford on the River Avon in Ontario where they have several theatres and a festival of performances each year. They are doing Macbeth, Midsummer Nights Dream and The Importance of Being Earnest next year and together with a host of other plays several of which I would like to see. I just made a discovery that the part of Lady Bracknell in the Importance of Being Earnest, is also played by a man. I hadn't remembered that if I ever knew it. Our local Galt Little Theatre is planning to produce the show too. I do love the theatre. The Drayton Entertainment Group are planning to produce The Heiress which is a play in which I took the lead some 45 or so years ago and it wasn't that new then. As I said to my friend, I will have to go see it to see if they do the job as well as I did *g*. Also, when I got home, I discovered the lid with which I was so pleased, was just a fraction too big for either of our large pans, so we have to take it back, grrrrr. Matt wants to do so this morning, but we have bowling at 1:00 - we'll see. Another thing in the mail was a booklet and some coupons for Brunswick Sardines. I had asked them if they knew the recipe I was hunting for (Sardine Rice Bundles) which I eventually found. The booklet is full of sardine recipes. They also sent me a sardine recipe by email as well. I like sardines so will try some. I know not everyone likes them. My father used to love sardines on toast sprinkled with a soupçon of cayenne pepper. Anyway, here is one of their recipes: Crispy Sardine Pizza 1 can Brunswick Sardines in Tomato Sauce 1/2 loaf crusty bread 1/2 Cup prepared pizza or pasta sauce 1 cup Mozzarella cheese, shredded 1/2 cup green pepper strips (Bell or capsicum) 1/4 cup mushrooms sliced 4 slices bacon cut into pieces Using the top or bottom half of the crusty bread loaf, remove 1/2" in depth of the inner bread. Leave outer crust intact. Loosely wrap aluminum foil around the outside of the bread. Spread pizza sauce over the bread. Add shredded cheese. Flake the sardines (with sauce) with a fork and spread over cheese layer. Add green pepers and mushrooms. Add bacon. Place bread with its toppings on a baking sheet and bake at 400°F for 15 minutes or until heated through. Makes 4 servings. Alternatives: Replace the vegetables and cheese with your favourite varieties. Cut in smaller pieces and use as appetizers. Also great made with Brunswick Seafood Snacks. Have a great day.


  1. I'd love to see a proper English panto. They have not, historically, been very popular here in the Land of Oz, but in recent years the big cities have been running one for the early part of the school holidays. I never saw one as a child in England either - just after the war there was very little entertainment and in any case my mother didn't like pantos. I think she thought they were "common" along with any underwear that wasn't plain white or navy cotton and hair worn loose instead of plaited or put into a bun:-)

    I saw the old movie of The Heiress a long time ago and thought it was brilliant. I'm not surprised it's still being performed as its tale of heartbreak and revenge is timeless. I don't suppose I'll ever see anyone as good as Josephine Wake in the lead, though:-)

  2. You are so right Satima, you never will LOL. I really loved doing that play, it was something to get your teeth into.

    Pity if you have never seen a real English Panto, especially in London, they are brilliant.