Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rain and Fog, Fruit Cake and Turkey Soup

Its like being back in the UK this morning, it rained heavily during the night, the temps are going up and the fog is hanging around so you can't see much at all. There is still some snow on the ground. However, we are expecting 12°C tonight plus continuous rain today. By Monday we will be back to snow. All very strange weather. Rain is not bad, freezing rain is the worst. I don't remember that in the UK, but if you leave your car out all night and you get freezing rain, it is extremely difficult to get rid of plus the roads are like ice rinks. Luckily I, personally, have never experienced it as thick as in the picture. This looks a bit like Niagara does most winters. Thanks to Glenda, (Tropic Temper, link on this page) I now have a new food to try, tempe. If you check out her blog today you will be able to read about it and see pictures. Whether I can get hold of it here, or not, I have no idea. I forgot to tell you about the Christmas Cake I bought, yes bought, Matt does not like Christmas Cake for some reason, I do but really don't need it, both for my hips and my sugar levels. However, I was tempted in the store a few weeks ago by a small can of Scottish cake with single malt whisky. It purports to have been made in the Scottish Highlands from a traditional recipe. It is deliciously moist; my one criticism, too many cherries. But that's not enough to spoil it. I will be buying it again in future years if its still available. I'd buy more now, but it really isn't too good for me. Why is it, I wonder, that so many delicious foods aren't really good for one? I am struggling with my sugar readings a bit right now. Matt did try a small piece of the cake but still doesn't like it. Odd, because he does like my Christmas plum pudding which is also packed with fruit. On TV this morning they were talking about people with the winter blahs, there is an actual name for the syndrome now, Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. They were recommending getting out into the snow and skiing, sledding, snow shoeing, etc. you name it, you do it, dressing warmly and enjoying the weather. I do so agree. When we were younger and fitter, we used to cross country ski and couldn't wait for the next snow fall. Winter activities can be great fun, especially on a really lovely day with the sun sparkling on the pure white snow. These days I guess I am limited to a one horse open sleigh, if I can find one. I believe there are places where you can go for a ride, never come across them. I am debating whether to turn the small turkey carcass I have into some soup. If you have a whole bird, its so easy to make a really delicious soup. I used to put my leftover turkey, remove any meat which is usable for sandwiches or adding back into the soup, stuffing and gravy into a large pan (I have one which will take a 25 lbs carcass even) together with any leftover veg (not potatoes) and maybe a fresh onion. Boil it for an hour or two then strain it, let it chill so you can remove all the fat. Once it is clear you can re-heat it and add lots of fresh vegetables, carrots, onions and celery for a start. Season to your taste and heat long enough to cook the veg. when the vegetables are cooked, add in any turkey meat you have saved. Deeeelicious. I don't put noodles in mine but there is no reason why you shouldn't do so. Have a great weekend.

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