Friday, August 15, 2008

Phelps, Theatre

I have obviously got to take up serious swimming. not just putzing around in the pool, but laps. Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day. GMA showed what his food for the day consists of, including a pound of pasta twice a day. The pictures really brought it home to you just how much food he consumes. Obviously he has to, but to someone constantly watching their weight, it is staggering. I wish I could find the pictures to show you. Now where did I put that lettuce leaf? I watched Phelps romp home in the Medley last night capturing another world record. That man is incredible. That's 6 gold medals in Beijing so far and he is anticipating two more. Did you know his armsspan from fingertip to fingertip is more than his height which is 6 ft. something? Ru, you were so right, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change was not a farce. It was a series of vignettes about relationships all set to music and was extremely funny. There were just four characters, two men, two women, who did a lot of pretty quick costume changes for each scene. There were scenes on dating, marriage, having a baby in the house, empty nests and finally a couple of oldsters meeting up in a funeral home. It was brilliant and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. That said, the performance was staged in the Huron Playouse II which was not a great venue. There were ordinary chairs, not uncomfortable, but they were all on the same level and the stage wasn't very high either. I was then unfortunate enough to sit behind a woman who was very tall and I spent my whole afternoon dodging to one side or the other in order to see what was happening on one part of the stage. It must have driven the people behind me bats. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed the performance and we were really lucky with the weather and so also enjoyed our picnic lunch outside the theatre. Whilst I was out, Matt did the shopping and could only find the greenest of green tomatoes, so this morning we have to go to the farm and see if they have some. Due to a hail storm a week or two back, a lot of their tomatoes got ruined. I will probably pick up some fresh corn if they have any. But I can't live without my daily tomato. At this time of year, when tomatoes are so plentiful, we like to broil our tomatoes along with our chops or whatever else we are having. We cut them in half, drizzle them with olive oil, seasoning and some chopped Basil. They are delicious as a side dish. Matt also likes to do something similar with plum tomatoes which he roasts in a cool oven for a long time. He cuts the tomatoes in half and does the same thing, oil, seasoning, Basil and roasts them for about 45 minutes or a bit longer, in a 275 F oven. They come out beautifully and make a wonderful hors d'oeuvres served on toast, or with crusty bread to dip in the juices. Have a great day.


  1. We used to make green tomato chutney. yum. Just don't seem to see green tomatoes around here nowadays though.

    The show is fun, isn't it?

    It's strange, I want to like Mr. Phelps but somehow I just can't warm to him. I thought that was just me, but then my mom said more or less the same thing to me last night. And 12000 cals a day? Ouch! How is his metabolism going to cope with the change when he stops competitive swimming? :S

  2. Yes, I wondered the same thing, Matt reckons he will still do a lot of swimming even if not to the same intensity. We still wonder if he will be back at the next Olympics though.

    I would have thought with your garden/park you would have grown tomatoes. I would. You can buy green tomatoes here sometimes and they are often used for fried green tomatoes.

  3. Jo

    Like Hrugaar I also immediately wondered what the 12000 cal a day will do once he no longer swims competitively. But even now, where does he put it? There's not an ounce of fat on him,


  4. I wondered the same, but Matt reckons he will just eat less and less as he needs it less. I hope so for his sake. What gets me, is the amount of time it must take for each meal. Obviously he expends it with all the swimming and training, but it must take for ever to replenish. I wonder who cooks it all too? His mom I suppose.