Friday, August 29, 2008

Nuts and Politics,

There was a segment on Good Morning America today about someone having anonymously given their church a lottery ticket worth $3,000,000. It happened in Port Jefferson, NY. Even the pastor said he wouldn't have donated the whole win to the church. The donor is remaining anonymous. He needs to, if his family got hold of him, they would murder him, I would. Of course the news is absolutely full of Obama's acceptance speech last night, because it happened on the anniversary of the Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream" speech they are linking it together as much as they can. Personally I will be so very glad when November 4 is over as the campaigning will be finished for a little while. Unfortunately, although we are in Canada, we get it plastered all over our TV as so many of our programmes come from the States. I always hated Bush, I wonder if this guy will do any better. Had I been in the States, I would have voted for Hillary Clinton, I would love to have seen her make it to the White House. Maybe next time. We'll see what kind of a job Obama does. Mike posted a new blog last night, a beautifully written description of a morning walk during his vacation. Plus pictures of drawings he made. I wish I could write like that. The following is a simple little chicken dish I invented one day down in NC. Because Bogue is the area where we lived, that's what I called it. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it. Chicken Bogue Serves: 2 Source: Jo's Invention 1/2 onion chopped 4 oz mushrooms sliced 2 chicken breasts, skinned and boned 1 tomato, chopped 1 tbs of salsa, to taste 1/2 C white wine seasoning Sauté onion and mushrooms in some olive oil, add chicken and brown on both sides, then add tomato, salsa and wine allow to simmer until chicken is done. Have a great day.


  1. what IS Salsa ??? it sounds so exotic to my ears ^^

    In France we see Obama as a nice guy, and a real Showman, quite american like. Most of my work colleague say he might be dead before he might really sit in the White House as it sound 'a dream' to have a black american president.

  2. The word Salsa actually means sauce in Spanish. However, over here it has come to mean a particular type of sauce made with tomatoes and other vegetable and which ranges from mild to extremely spicy, generally sold in bottles and is often served with chips or something as a dip. There are 100s of recipes of how to make it as well.

    Unfortunately for Obama, a lot of people are predicting the same thing.

  3. Obama and King isn't an association that I would necessarily have made. I'm afraid he strikes me as a bit of a used car salesman, a 'wide boy' as we say. McCain strikes me as likely to be weak where it counts, which isn't a good sign. La Clinton is so sharp she could cut herself - and I haven't forgotten the last time the Clintons were in power - but I still think she'd make the strongest and most capable president out of the three. Then again, maybe that's just a case of 'better the devil you know' ... :)

  4. Actually Clinton wasn't a bad president, if he had been able to overcome the typical male failing of not keeping his dick in his pants. I think Hilary would have been a great choice. If I were Obama, given the US record, I would be very, very afraid.

    Don't like McCain's running mate, anti abortion, anti gun control, thinks global warming is nothing to do with human activity.

    Course were about to have an election here so the TV ads have already started, doesn't go on too long thank goodness.

  5. Jo --

    Fortunately France is a little far from the States so we do not get continuous coverage of the US Election. Does it really matter who will be the next US president? Will people, the 'man in the street' as we used to say, be consulted before troops are sent to interfere in the troubles of other countries? I don't think so.
    Will people be consulted before taxes are increased? Before new taxes are invented? I don't think so. So, plus ca change ... (Sorry, can't type the accents on blogger.)
    What moved me most about the Democrats' convention was Edward Kennedy... No fan of his (I don't have to spell out why, do I?) I thought that finally he's doing something right.


  6. I didn't see Ted Kennedy, nor did I watch the hoo haa of the convention. I have never gone much on politics anyway. I too don't have much time for Kennedy anyway, not after that fiasco at Chappaquidick. (sp)