Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Increase Cholesterol, Salmonella

No, I mean the good stuff. The British have been studying cholesterol and have discovered a link between HDL (good cholesterol) and good brain function. If you would like to read the article from Good Morning America, it is here. If you can't remember the difference between HDL and LDL, in a diabetic clinic I went to they called it Happy Cholesterol and Lousy Cholesterol. It does help. Dr. Tim lists a few ways you can increase your HDL, but it is in fact very difficult to do so. They have found it helps with preventing Alzheimer's or senile dementia. Something I have always dreaded as at least three of my relatives were in that condition before they died. I believe writing a blog helps increase brain activity too which is important. Or learning to do anything new. Last night our building was surrounded by fireworks displays, we could see them all the way to the horizon and hear them from the fun park I mentioned, terrific banging and flashes of light which even reflected on the ground on our side of the building. It is so pretty to watch the rockets which we can see plenty of. However, I was rather scared as there were some people, presumably youngsters, on the tennis court in the park outside our window and they were letting off rockets which were not going up in the air, but along the ground. I was anticipating someone getting badly hurt or them setting trees alight. Luckily nothing happened, but fireworks can be so dangerous. I remember many years ago in the UK someone being chased by a rocket, it didn't catch him, but it could have done some major damage if it had and that was during an organised display, mind you he was one of the organisers and yes, it was funny, even if dangerous. Apparently there was a report, didn't see it, I was still in bed, that said the Americans had tested over 1,000 tomatoes from different parts of the States and not one of them had salmonella. However, they are still saying be careful, however, they are now saying Salsa could be to blame. Luckily we don't eat that much so no problem in our household, but if you do eat lots of bought Salsa, be warned. Obviously if you make your own, so long as you are sure of the ingredients, you are OK. I am surprised as bought salsa presumably all is processed in hot conditions, like canning, so I would have thought it would kill off the salmonella, but what do I know? Well, as I am off to the theatre this afternoon, I need to get cracking this morning. Plus I have just been told my Avon will be arriving in about an hour so I need to get ready to receive it. For a change I will give you a cocktail recipe, I have no idea where this came from.
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster
1- 1/2 msr melon liqueur
1/2 msr overproof white rum
1/2 msr lime juice
1/4 msr pineapple syrup
1- 1/2 msr lemonade
Mix all ingredients except lemonade in a shaker. Shake and strain into a champagne flute. Add the lemonade.
Servings: 2
Have a great day.


  1. How strange to find Salmonella in tomatoes ^^ i thought it was only found in out of date foods, or oisters , well i've learned something more today !

    i will read the hdl article an other time , i'm too curious but so lazy tonight ^^

  2. It does seem odd doesn't it, but they are having lots of trouble with people getting sick in the States. I just heard about a big Salmonella breakout in Denmark with 4,000 or more people affected. That is really serious.

  3. I hadn't heard of salmonella in tomatoes either. But I think I do need some happy cholesterol.

    Enjoy your theatre trip. :)

  4. Suspected salmonella in tomatoes has been going on in the US for a couple of months or so now. The trouble being it is almost impossible to trace where the tomatoes came from. However, the salsa thing is new, so I don't know what the problem really is.

    I did enjoy the theatre, will tell you about it tomorrow.

  5. Oh boy, I'd better start excercising more. When it comes to exercise, I'm full of Good Intentions.

    While psyching myself up, I'll give the cranberry juice a go:-)

  6. Don't forget cranberry juice adds sugar to your diet. So add it in moderation. Exercise is better.