Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gasoline Problems

If you want to read an excellent letter to a politician, do read Elizabeth Moon's Moonscape today, I very much endorse everything she writes, not that I am involved in any way with American politics. If you couldn't get the link to work, it should be OK now.


  1. The link in your blogroll seems to be incorrect, Jo. I've never read Elizabeth Moon's blog but I'd like to.

    BTW, your recipes make me wish I was interested in cooking:-)

  2. OK Satima, seems to be fixed now.

  3. Urgh, petrol prices are a sore point ... we now have to pay over forty quid (British pounds) just to fill up the fuel tank of our small car.

    Oh yeah, we tried the asparagus and tomato bake recipe (from June 13) ... yummy, but we used aspargus tips which I think were a bit too slender, shall have to try again with the bigger meatier spears.