Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birds, Birthday, Off. Shrimp Too.

Mocking BirdHurricane Irene did a fair amount of damage in this area of North Carolina and we discovered that this cottage, where we were staying, was also damaged. The upshot of this appears to be a loss of birds. Last year we used to listen to mocking birds for hours in the mornings, this year, not a peep from them or from any birds at all as far as we have been able to tell. This is something of a tragedy I think. We will have to make some more investigations. Its something people generally don’t think about, we worry about the damage to homes and people, we generally don’t worry about natural life. Later in the day we went to Beaufort for lunch on the boardwalk, that is about and hour from here, we only saw 3 seagulls where there are normally masses of them, same thing applies I guess.

Had a good lunch though, had a couple of beers and looked at the water, normally there are lots of boats to look at, yesterday there was only one large yacht some distance away, not sure if the absence of yachts was due to hurricanes or terrorists, I have never seen the place so devoid of boats of one kind or another, most of them very luxurious yachts altogether. We didn’t even see any wild horses on the island right across from us, all a bit disappointing really. We had a good lunch, Matt had Cajun tuna bites and I had a soft shell crab sandwich. both very good. We were going for an ice cream but decided it was too far to walk. On the way back we called in at K-Mart and bought a few things. Matt wanted some particular jeans but they only had 48” waists, could have made two pairs for Matt. We also got us yet another barbecue lighter, we forget to bring one with us.

Went to some friends for a visit and had a bit of a birtOff Clip Onhday party with a brownie birthday cake and candles. Ate a few snacks and had a couple of beers. Fun afternoon. They really are such pets these two, would do anything for us. We have lots of plans for the rest of our vacation with the pair of them. Including some Wii which we have never tried. Before we left, she lent me an Off Personal Clip On which is a personal mosquito repellent. Turns out Amazon sell them.

shrimpBefore we got back to the cottage we bought some shrimp, I made a mistake and bought them headed which I never do, don’t know how old they are once the heads have been removed, and in fact they were very disappointing. Pretty tasteless.

Later in the evening I went on Facebook and got a fright about some comments re some Canadian friends who are down here and apparently the husband had been ill or something. Turns out he ended in hospital with a pulled muscle, but what a scare. I thought he had had a heart attack or something.

Had lots of lovely birthday wishes on Facebook today and one ecard which was hilarious. Going to dinner tonight, originally it was a big party, we are down to about 7 or maybe 5 now. Everyone seems to be getting ill lately. Floyds 1921, never been there before but friends recommend it and actually know the owner and chef.

Sorry, no recipe this morning, busy having my vacation!!! Oh, and my birthday. Have a great day.



  1. Hi Jo .. Happy Birthday and have a lovely evening with friends .. even if only a small number.

    The hurricanes seem to be taking their toll .. not surprised the birds aren't there .. we had the tail end of the wind over here and I'm in the south and there was less of it - but it was bad enough ..

    Animals seem to recover and survive .. ours have been having more than one go this year .. bad winter probably killed off a lot, so they're making up for it .. as are the trees - loaded with berries etc ...

    But I agree we worry about us - not enough about them .. and the plants, insects etc etc ..

    Enjoy the holiday .. cheers Hilary

  2. Thanks to both of you for the birthday wishes. I am doing my best to enjoy everything.

    Lots of bluejays around this morning.