Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow, The Superbowl.

Well, as it turned out, Washington, D.C. didn't get a record snow fall, they got 60 cm which was enough to paralyse them mind you. Philadelphia won out this time, they got about 72 cm. According to a friend who lives in Philly, they are supposed to get yet more snow on Wednesday. Isn't it odd when British Columbia are having to ship in snow for the Olympic Games. I bet they would have given their eye teeth for all the snow that fell in the east on Saturday. The picture was taken in Washington and gives you an idea how much they got.
I gather the Superbowl ads weren't as good as they used to be. According to the GMA correspondent the best one was the Snickers ad which featured Betty White. They showed it and I didn't think much of it. The game itself was a surprise apparently with the New Orleans Saints winning - they were not the favourites, but the people of New Orleans celebrated all night we are told. I once went to a Superbowl party and our host explained what was going on in the game to me so in fact I quite enjoyed watching it. However, whatever he explained has more or less gone out of the window and I have no idea what is going on any more. Matt watches American football now and again, he also sometimes watches soccer but says it isn't the same as when he used to play. They didn't use substitutes - if one man was injured you played one man short. His preference these days is golf.
The following looked so good in the picture, I thought I would share it. However, I am not so sure about buying dumplings. They are so easy to make, however, it is obviously quicker to buy ready made and if that is the way you prefer to go, here is a recipe. Zesty Shrimp Dumplings
Kraft Kitchens
Makes: 9 servings, 2 dumplings (32 g) and 1 Tbsp.
What You Need!
2 Tbsp. oil 1 pkg. (270 g) frozen shrimp dumplings (18 pieces)
2 Tbsp. chopped fresh cilantro 9 Tbsp. KRAFT SIGNATURE Asian Sesame Dressing
Make It!
HEAT oil in large skillet on medium heat. Add dumplings; cook 5 min., turning occasionally. PLACE on platter; sprinkle with cilantro. SERVE as dippers with dressing. Kraft Kitchens Tips Substitute Prepare using vegetable, chicken or pork dumplings.
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