Friday, June 6, 2008

I Won, Reading, Dragons and Cryogenics

I won a T-Shirt at, how about that? I am one of those who rarely wins anything. However, I suggested they re-draw as I am sure there is some youngster out there who would dearly love a Dragonkeeper T-shirt. I quite enjoy the Dragonkeeper Chronicles, well, I will read anything with dragons in. However, they are really written for young people so I feel collecting my winnings wouldn't be very fair. The Chronicles are about a young woman who looks after dragons of all sizes. Not just huge dragons, but quite little ones which live in the magic pockets of her cloak. This one in the picture is called Metta. The stories do tend to emphasize a religious point of view - much more so than the Narnia books do.

I have just started a new Elizabeth Moon book called Generation Warriors. I have had the first book, Sassinak, on my own shelves for a number of years and never realised there was a sequel. Both of them are written with Anne McCaffery who is another of my favourite dragon authors. However, these two books are pure sci fi. Because it is an inter-library loan, I have only a short period in which to read it, so I have temporarily put down my Seventh Scroll in order to read this one. Part of the story is about the Fleet Captain, Sassinak, and her relative Lunzie who has been in cold sleep for 45 years and who is, therefore, technically older than Sassinak but in actual years lived, she is younger. There have been lots of stories about people who are cryogenically stored for periods of time, I would think, if it is ever possible, it will be quite a shock for those who wake up a long time ahead of their previous lives. I know there are already people who are paying to get themselves stored cryogenically, but I cannot imagine we really know how to do it yet. It is one of those things they are working on. An idea from the sci fi writers which the scientists are looking into. The way things are shaping though, I'm not sure I would want to come back in the future.

I think I will just stick to books speculating about the future rather than trying to live it. I'm a tad old to want to be frozen now anyway. Rejuvenation is another popular sci fi ploy, I haven't heard anyone is working on that yet, but you never know. Now I might go for that.

Asparagus season is fast drawing to a close, so here is another recipe before it's all gone for this year.

Asparagus with butter, balsamic and Capers

Source: Olive Magazine
Serves 2.
  • 1 bunch asparagus about 250g, woody stems removed (with asparagus from Barrie's you don't have to do this)
  • butter
  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tbsp capers
  • 4 slices sourdough bread , toasted
  • a few shavings parmesan
  1. Steam the asparagus until just tender, about 3-4 minutes. toss with a knob of butter, the balsamic and capers and season well.
  2. Pile onto sourdough toast and scatter with a few parmesan shavings.
Have a great day.


  1. hello !
    i'm so curious that i read you and here i go i Am hungry again !

    how lucky you are it' seems a nice tshirt ! (love dragons too)

  2. Hi Ginie, sorry if I make you hungry.

    They have offered me a beaded bookmark instead of a T shirt so that will be fine.

    What is the word for dragons in French?

  3. that is 'dragon' too in french, but we say it with french accent ^^

  4. Well I hope lots of dragon books are written in French, or translated into French - its hard work reading in another language. I tried it with The Three Musketeers many years ago. In those days my French was better than it is now. Maintenant je parle comme une vache Espanol.