Friday, February 3, 2017

Groundhog, Bowling, Dizziness, House vs. Apartment,

Turns out that Ontario's Wiarton Willie predicted an early spring for us this year. Wouldn't that be nice. Quite dull here today. Cold though, enough to upset brass monkeys.

I bowled better today thanks goodness, not brilliant, but better. Although somebody, who shall be nameless, really thrashed me in the last game.  A couple of friends we bowl with although not on the same lanes, are off to Cuba on Saturday. Asked if they had room in their case. No such luck. Ah well.

At some point in recent months I mentioned my friend who was having dizzy spells and had fallen
and broken her ankle, etc. She was not happy with her doctor anyway, said he was treating her like a hysterical idiot. Went to a new one - the first thing the new one did was take her off blood pressure pills which, by the sound of it, she should never have been taking. No wonder she was getting dizzy. She hasn't felt dizzy for 2 days and is very happy. She'd like to report her previous doctor but I don't think she will. You probably need to have lots of documentation etc. etc. I am so pleased for  her. Maybe she can start bowling again too.
I was talking to one woman at the alley yesterday, somewhat younger than I, but not that much. She was all proud that she could still run her own house and shovel snow, etc. etc. At one time I might have envied her, but no longer. I have no desire to live in a house again. We have no grounds to maintain be it snow or grass, no repairs to pay for we just say "oy fix it" and it gets done. Not only that we can walk out of our apartment and leave it to go on vacation and have little or no worries about break ins. You can keep your houses thank you. Nice when you are younger with a family, but not when you are getting up in years.

Time for something chocolatey. Can't go wrong for me - I love chocolate and I love pancakes, or what are known as crèpes here, combine the two and yum.

Chocolate Pancakes with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

If you love chocolate and you love pancakes, you’ll definitely want to try these chocolate pancakes with chocolate hazelnut spread for Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday). They only take 15 mins to cook and this recipe should make about 8 pancakes depending on the size of your pan. The hazelnut flavours of the spread
and the rich chocolate pancake work really well together – so well that you might think about having them for dessert instead of just on Pancake Day.


To make the pancake:
150 g plain flour
2 Tbs cocoa powder
pinch of salt
1tsp ground cinnamon
2 med eggs
300 ml milk

To make the spread:
60 g toasted hazelnuts
2 Tbs golden caster sugar
200 ml single cream
200 g bar dark chocolate

To serve:
Strawberries or raspberries

If you haven't got any chocolate spread you could always drizzle your pancakes in melted chocolate instead


To make the pancakes  Whizz flour with cocoa, salt, cinnamon, eggs and milk. Chill for 1 hr if you have time. Make eight 20cm pancakes.

To make the spread: Blitz hazelnuts with caster sugar until fairly finely ground. Bring cream to almost to the boil in a pan. Take off the heat, add dark chocolate in pieces, stir to melt, and then stir in almost all of the nut mixture.

Fold the pancakes into cones on plates. Spoon some choccy hazelnut spread. Serve with strawberries, or raspberries, and sprinkle with the rest of the chopped nuts, and dust with icing sugar.

Servings: 8

Source: Woman's Weekly

Have a great day


  1. I had to go off of meds for my kidneys, more precautionary than needed, because I too was having dizzy spells. My blood pressure is low to start with and the meds made it even lower. Just because someone is a doctor does not mean they know what they are doing. Someone has to graduate at the bottom of the class.
    I know the day will come when I do not want to maintain this house even if I still can. Kinda like the decision to retire from work.

    1. I replied to this once today??? Anyway, I am on kidney meds and occasionally get dizzy so.... I never thought of doctors graduating at the bottom - mind you, how high is the bottom of the class? Still, scary thought. Can't imagine you leaving your garden.

  2. Better sounds good.

    Glad your friend got off those and found a new doctor. If all doctors were reported for giving the wrong pills, how many doctors would be left? Sounds like a start of a joke but sadly, it happens so often, people on things they don't need to be on.

    Glad you don't want what she has. That's a very powerful and peaceful place to be. Happy with what you have, that is.

    1. You're right Ivy. I am so glad she is better.

      So am I.

  3. Houses are a lot of work.
    Glad your friend went to a different doctor. I think you can go on Yelp and make a comment about her first doctor though.

    1. They are Alex.

      Can you? I wouldn't know that and I wonder how many people would actually read it.

  4. I am so glad she changed doctors and found out the cause. You can go on Rate MD's- I like looking at this site and one can leave a comment. I would still complain because these idiot doctors get away with too much. One day, I know I will sell the house and, if I hadn't met my hubby, I probably already would have since I can't take care of it all physically.

    1. Me too Birgit. I think she should complain. Yes, they are a lot of work especially on one's own.

  5. I'm glad your friend is doing better now. When I first started my blood pressure medication, it sometimes made me dizzy, too, but now, it only happens if I stand up too quickly.

    Those pancakes sound yummy! Not sure what sounds better... the chocolate or the hazelnuts.

    1. Me too Susan. Odd really, I am on two BP meds because they have trouble keeping mine down.

      Chocolate anything is good in my book. Even chocolate bananas.

  6. I'd give anything to be a homeowner again, instead of renting. I just can't share walls with people who might be noisy. And 9 times out of 10, there is at least one jerk neighbour. Even when you live in a house. I have yet to live somewhere that I don't have at least one totally inconsiderate, self absorbed, noisy neighbour.

    1. Well you don't share walls now do you JoJo? This building we are in is very quiet. We love it. I guess bad neighbours can occur anywhere.

  7. Glad to hear your friend is feeling better and that the new doctor seems to be on "his toes" in how he is treating her. I'm with you, when I get older, I would want an apartment over the maintenance of a house. We drive by big houses these days and I have no desire to even want them; who wants to take the time to upkeep them?


    1. So are we Betty thanks. I wouldn't even want a small house to bother with these days. So easy to let the landlords do it.

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