Friday, January 22, 2010

Cash for Gold, Movie, The News.

For some time there have been ads on the TV about sending away your gold and getting a cash offer for its value. Both of us thought this was more of a con than a straightforward deal, now it appears that it is not the best thing to do. Good Morning America investigators have found the offers for the value of the gold were very much under market value. Not only that, if someone asked for their gold to be returned problems developed. In some cases the gold had already been melted down, in others the gold was lost in the mail and not insured by the gold merchant, another case the offer was increased by 100% although still not up to what was considered the market price of the gold. The US government have brought out new legislation, but I still consider mailing your gold to anyone to be a very risky business. Much better to take it to a reputable jeweller or precious metals dealer and even, to take it to one or two places to get comparisons. We watched a pretty good movie last night called The Replacements with Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves (don't tell anyone but I know very little about American Football) it was about a strike by a professional football team and how the owner called on Gene Hackman to form another team to get them to the Superbowl (I think), it was very funny and really a most enjoyable film and even if you don't know much about the sport it was still a good movie. There was a soumo wrestler who could really shove, a Welsh soccer player they brought in for the penalty kicks, one guy who hated anything in a red shirt and several times knocked out members of his own team! A prisoner on loan for the short term and a cop, amongst others, quite a funny collection of players out of which Gene Hackman had to weld a team. Do see it if you get a chance. The news is still full of Haiti and miracle discoveries of missing people, California and its feared mud slides and John Edwards and his family. Not sure why they can't leave them alone to sort out their own lives. Regarding Haiti I heard a list of major donors the other day and it was pointed out that India had only donated one million and some of the oil rich countries hadn't donated a cent. Other small countries that didn't have much money had, nevertheless, donated quite large sums. Mind you, both Canada and the US have donated large sums which has put their national debts even further behind. If we could stop all this fighting in the middle east, it would be financially better all round if nothing else. There are great difficulties getting the supplies to the people, many of whom are fighting to get such supplies although in many ways you can't blame them. If you, and particularly your children, haven't eaten in several days I guess you are going to fight to get your share. The Americans have sent in soldiers to help keep the peace and assist in distribution, but they can't be everywhere all the time. Hersheys are promoting guilt free desserts this week, I'm not sure that can really happen, however, this is one of their light recipes which looked delicious to me. Lighter Than Air Chocolate Delight Hershey's
2 envelopes unflavored gelatin 1/2 cup cold water 1 cup boiling water 1-1/3 cups nonfat dry milk powder 1/3 cup HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Cocoa or HERSHEY'S Cocoa 1 tablespoon vanilla extract Dash salt Granulated sugar substitute to equal 14 teaspoons sugar 8 large ice cubes 1. Sprinkle gelatin over cold water in blender container; let stand 4 minutes to soften. Gently stir with rubber spatula, scraping gelatin particles off sides; add boiling water to gelatin mixture. Cover; blend until gelatin dissolves. Add dry milk powder, cocoa, vanilla and salt; blend on medium speed until well mixed. Add sugar substitute and ice cubes; blend on high speed until ice is crushed and mixture is smooth and fluffy. 2. Immediately pour into 4-cup mold. Cover; refrigerate until firm. Unmold onto serving plate. 8 servings. NOTE: Eight individual dessert dishes may be used in place of 4-cup mold, if desired. Have a great day


  1. Jo, is this gold jewelery, maybe even old gold teeth? It's a strange story, because surely people should have more sense than sending such items off to be valued or whatever.

  2. Gold anything that you don't want or need any more. Yes I agree people should have more sense, but the ads are pretty powerful on TV and I guess some people just don't know any better.

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