Monday, August 31, 2009

Stirling Castle Mystery, Where in the World, Longford.

Interesting snippet on GMA Weekend yesterday about a carving on the ceiling in the king's bedroom in Stirling Castle, Scotland - there appeared to be an error on the carving looking a bit like random marks of ones and zeros; in 2004 a master carver called John Donaldson, now 62, was employed to copy the series of carved wooden portraits mounted in roundels on the ceiling of James V's bedroom in Stirling Castle.To see what followed and how a 500 yr old mystery musical score was discovered read here . To hear the music itself go to GMA Weekend. This is the first known example of binary music - the article is absolutely fascinating to read.


  1. JO, I don't have any red dots to hover over ...

    Lord Longford. Everyone said he was an interfering old fool when he became involved with Myra Hindley.

    Something else. I wonder who thinks up the words for the word verification because the words can be very difficult to make out. For example often it is impossible to see if its an lm or ae or op together.

  2. I know what you mean. I assume it is totally random though.

    Funny, I don't remember Longford at all.

  3. He is the father of Lady Antonia Fraser, the biographer.

  4. In the movie it covered the fact that she was an author, didn't say what of particularly.

  5. Just noticed your comment on the Feejit map. Doesn't it show you which countries are reading?