Friday, January 9, 2009

LCBO and Cars

We were in Cambridge on Wednesday which is where we used to live. Roughly 8 miles or so away. Driving home we passed a liquor store which we used to frequent when we lived there and I suddenly remembered what such stores were like when we first emigrated to Canada. Some of the rules governing the use of liquor had been lightened before we arrived (apparently at one time you couldn't legally offer someone a drink in your home) but you still had to go into the store, read a list of the products for sale, write down what you wanted to buy and then hand it to the store clerk who would disappear into the back and bring you what you wanted. After living in the UK we were absolutely staggered. Even today, bars and pubs have boarded up windows or sometimes frosted glass, so no-one can see in or out. We are not happy campers at the moment, yesterday Matt took the car to the garage once again and we still don't have it back. Periodically and its getting worse, it totally refuses to start. When you turn the key, it doesn't make a sound. Eventually after about 10 minutes of so of messing with it, it suddenly fires up. This has been happening for a while; some time ago they changed our starter motor which cost a small fortune, guess what, that didn't fix it. We were putting up with it for a while, but it was beginning to happen on a daily basis. Yesterday morning the garage couldn't make it "stop", it fired up every time they tried it. However, in the afternoon it decided not to start and they decided it was a relay switch of some kind. Later in the afternoon they phoned to say it wasn't that and it was probably in the ignition; you think? However, once they change that it has to be re-aligned by a dealer. I didn't speak to them so don't know all the ins and outs. It looks to me as though we won't get the car back today either. That means no bowling this afternoon for a start, not to mention all the errands we have to run today. As for the bill, I don't want to even think about that. I personally don't think one should have to pay for a repair that didn't fix the problem, but no-one, particularly not the garage, agrees with me. I have been looking at Facebook's Blog pages this morning, but I am not quite sure how it is supposed to work. My page is there as Satima (Satima's Blog) added it. She has 6 readers listed, I only have one, where are you all? I don't go on Facebook very much. I had a long session becoming a pirate, but gave that up. I do play Scrabble with a couple of friends but that is mostly it these days. Funny, I was looking for a Scrabble picture and found one of a nude couple playing Scrabble on the beach!! This next Weight Watcher recipe I am going to post includes one for Tartare Sauce which I love. It is pretty simple to make and one we use all the time for all kinds of fish. We bought some in a jar a month or two back, it was way too sweet like so many things these days. Its all these gums, like xanthan gum and locust bean gum, which cause a lot of the sweetening. Although it did have added sugar. I have trouble buying decent mascarpone cheese without gums added to it as a preservative. Grilled Turbot Weightwatchers - a way of life Serves 2 2 steaks of turbot 2 tbs lemon juice salt and pepper 1/2 lemon, cut into wedges chopped chives for the tartare sauce: 2 tbs mayonnaise 1 tbs lemon juice 1 tbs chopped capers 2 small gherkins, finely chopped Heat the grill, place the fish on foil and sprinkle with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Grill on each side until the fish flakes easily with a fork, approximately 6 minutes each side. When cooked place the fish on a serving dish, garnish with lemon wedges and chopped chives. Serve with tartare sauce - to make this, combine all the sauce ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Have a great day.


  1. Hi Jo --

    Walking or going about on a bike will go well with your Weightwatchers' recipes.


  2. Oh definitely if you are fit enough to do either.

    Exercise of any kind is a good thing, like me with my cans of food to act as weights to give my upper body exercise.