Saturday, January 31, 2009

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I am currently reading the most recent Jim Butcher novel in his Codex Alera series. This one is called Princeps Fury. I must admit I am not enjoying it as much as the previous books in this series. It seems a little more contrived. I usually enjoy Jim Butcher's writing very much. Especially his Harry Dresden books which although about ghouls and things that go bump in the night, are, nevertheless, hilarious. He really has a very good sense of humour. Tonight we are going to some friend's for dinner so we don't have to worry about cooking which makes a nice change. Yesterday, by the way, I tried bowling. Didn't really work. I stood at the base line and threw the ball down the alley, but the ball just didn't want to go anywhere I wanted. My hip is too painful to move like I normally do. Even all the walking up and down to the baseline (which was considerably increased by having to bowl all three balls practically every time) was wearing on it, so after the second game, I gave it up as a bad job. However, at least my wrist seems to be quite a bit better. When we got to the bowling alley, there were two great big beer trucks parked across the entry to the parking lot. We drove round back to the second entry to discover someone had parked a pickup across four spaces so no-0ne else could use them. We finally managed to find a spot as someone else pulled out. But how very inconsiderate people are. I have trouble with certain incorrect uses of English grammar, particularly when people talk of a criminal as being hung. A picture is hung on the wall, a man is hanged. It's an intransitive verb. Yesterday I talked to another bowler we have known a few years, he used to be an English teacher. I asked him about it, I wondered if kids are not taught this in North America. He assures me that they are. I drive Matt nuts when they say hung in TV movies and other programmes because I always yell out "hanged" - I wish they could hear me. I just found this cartoon entitled Bush Tortures English Grammar *g*. If any of you will be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow and enjoying snacks to go with it, here is one from The Best Three and Four Ingredient Cookbook. Mushroom Caviar The name caviar refers to the dark colour and texture of this dish of chopped mushrooms. Serve the mushroom mixture in individual serving dishes with toasted rye bread rubbed with cut garlic cloves to accompany. Chopped hard-boiled egg, spring onion and parsley, the traditional garnishes for caviar, can be added as garnish for this dish. Serves 4 1 lb. mushrooms, coarsely chopped 5-10 shallots, chopped 4 garlic cloves, chopped 3 tbs olive or vegetable oil. 1. Heat the oil in a large pan, add the mushrooms, shallots and garlic and cook, stirring occasionally, until browned. Season with salt, then continue cooking until the mushrooms give up their liquor. 2. Continue cooking, stirring frequently, until the liquor has evaporated and the mushrooms are brown and dry. 3. Put the mixture in a food processor or blender and process briefly until a chunky paste is formed. Spoon the mushroom caviar into dishes and serve. Extras: For a rich wild mushroom caviar, soak 1/2 oz. dried porcini in about 1/2 cup water for about 30 mins. Add the porcini and their soaking liquid to the browned mushrooms in step 2. Continue as in the recipe. Serve with wedges of lemon, for their tangy juice. Have a great weekend.


  1. Jo --

    I'm having a problem commenting, don't know what's up. Will try again.

    I agree with you about hanged and hung but more and more people are now disregarding the rule and say hung.


  2. I know, but it irritates the hell out of me. My generation I suppose.

    Glad you got your comment through OK.