Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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I brought home Peter Rabbit from the library and watched it tonight. Some of it is absolutely hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I am now thinking of purchasing a copy. OK, I know it's for kids, but Matt thinks I am a big kid anyway. Can't remember if I mentioned I bought Paddington 2 which I also thoroughly enjoyed. You have to watch through the credits on that one as there is a great scene at the end. That was a tip from the daughter of the author.

Monday we had our banquet for the end of the Winter Season Bowling League. I am delighted to report I won the high triple although I thought earlier in the year I would be getting the high average. That was not to be, but it was nice to get the prize I did. Our new summer league starts on May 16.

Just caught the documentary Spying on the Royals talking about Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson. He really was a damned fool - she was screwing another guy at the same time. Not only that, Edward had ties to the Germans at the time and so he was being watched because of that too. More next week.

Another delicious sounding recipe.

Mushroom Crêpes

Crêpe Ingredients
1 cup plain flour
1 cup milk
a pinch of salt
1 egg

Mushroom Filling Ingredients
500 g swiss brown mushrooms, sliced
2 Tbs butter
2 cloves garlic, crushed
a pinch of salt and pepper, to taste
1 cup regular (heavy) cream
a pinch of dried thyme or a sprig of fresh
a pinch of sugar

1. In a large bowl, whisk the flour, milk, salt and egg until combined. The mixture should be quite thin.

2. In a small, light frying pan, heat a little butter over medium heat.

3. Pour a ladleful of the batter into the frying pan and immediately swirl around to create a thin layer over the bottom of the pan (you can find a video on how to make crepes here).

4. When the crêpe is dry on the top and has browned bits on the bottom, flip and cook the other side a minute or so, then remove from the pan and keep warm.

5. Continue with the rest of the crêpe batter. It should make about 6.

6. Meanwhile, in a large saucepan over high heat, sauté the mushrooms and garlic in the butter until cooked through and brown. I like to let them release their liquid and then let that liquid evaporate. I also at this point deglaze the pan with a little brandy or wine, but that's totally optional.

7. Add the cream, salt, pepper, sugar and thyme and let bubble up and thicken for a few minutes.

8. Set filling aside to cool a little, just enough to be able to handle.

9. Fill each crepe with a portion of the filling and roll up. Put crepe seam-side down into a baking dish that should fit the crêpes snugly.

10. Continue with the rest of the crêpes and filling.

11. Over the top of the crêpes, pour a little extra cream and grate your favourite cheese over the top

12. Bake at 200C until the crêpes are cooked through and the top is golden and bubbling

Author: Stacey
Source: Veggie Mama

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  1. We'll probably watch Peter Rabbit eventually as we enjoy computer animated films.

    1. It's very clever Alex, as is the Paddington series.

  2. I've been watching Penelope Keith's old series on English villages. Last night I watched a program on Blenheim Palace with a tour of the family living quarters. Ah, what a life! Have not heard of the show you mention so I'll have to look for it. I've heard all that stuff about Edward and am glad he resigned else you guys might have been speaking German.
    I sent my youngest son home with all of his soccer trophies yesterday. Part of my cleaning out this year. Good for you on your win.

    1. That was interesting Denise, not come across that programme. Yes, the trouble is the English family had lots of connections to Germany and I guess Edward clung to them. Das ist gut, ja?

      Good thing to do with the trophies. Thanks.

  3. My husband and I were just talking about the whole mess of the abdication today. Seems a bit unfair that she got all the blame when the truth was he made the decisions - and his links with the Nazi party and Germany hardly showed good judgement.

    1. Well she was very much to blame in some ways Helen. She was screwing another man at the same time as Edward. But he was something of a spoilt brat as far as I can tell. Certainly not good judgement.

  4. Hi Jo - love the Peter Rabbit movie ... as too Paddington. Victoria's family was so spread across Europe - and there was so much going on ... people are weak - and he certainly was one of those. Good looking mushroom dish - cheers Hilary

    1. I was surprised I found a lot of it so very funny Hilary. Delightful movie. You are right about Victoria's family. Yes, he was weak and I think Wallace took advantage of that. My parents had friends who moved in those circles and said the rumour was she provided "unusual" sex to him. Not sure what was considered unusual in those days.

  5. Now I'm going to have to look up Wallace Simpson cause I thought she only had eyes for Edward. congrats on your award too! Great job!

    1. Nope, she was a busy bee plus she was married JoJo. Thanks.

  6. We watched Peter Rabbit and loved it. Rose Byrne is one of my favourite actresses.

    1. Me too Pinky. Unfamiliar with Rose Byrne though.

  7. yeah...Wallis Simpson was as pure as the driven slush. Edward was an idiot and I think him marrying her was the excuse they could use to get rid of him. I might give Peter rabbit a try. I still love watching cartoons so I am a kid through and through

    1. True, married with at least two lovers at once. He was an idiot Birgit.

      I enjoyed Peter Rabbit very much, also Paddington 2.