Monday, January 11, 2010

Breast Cancer, Movie,

With the blog I originally wrote - I can only imagine the automatic save didn't work as when I tried to publish it, it disappeared. However, here is what I wrote this morning. Since then, I have been bowling and did well. Matt too, who is a lot better than he was last week, went bowling but didn't do too well unfortunately. He has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so not sure how blogging will go.
However, I originally wrote about the Facebook phenomenon talked about on Good Morning America today - something I was a part of - where women were asked to put their bra colour in their status. It was an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer and apparently the membership on the Susan B. Komen site on Facebook has increased ginormously. I don't know where it originated, I was asked to participate by an Australian friend but apparently it really spread world wide. The motivation being not only remember to go for your mammograms ladies, but also to go for regular check ups with your physician if you have already had breast cancer. As Robyn Robers of GMA said, her cancer was 4 years ago but she has an appointment for a check up today.
Sunday night we watched The Spy Game with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. An excellent movie but somewhat spoiled by the frequency of the advertising on that TV channel. I imagine it was originally fast paced, but it tended to be a bit sluggish with all the many breaks. One cannot imagine it being a failure with two such well known actors as those. It was made in 2001 and Robert Redford was certainly showing his years. I Googled, he was born in 1963. He has certainly delighted audiences world wide for many years. If you get a chance to see this movie, I recommend it. I think I might try and rent it to see it as it should have been.
I have just finished a book by Dick Francis called Even Money, which was co written with his son Felix. As usual it had a horse racing background with, this time, the main protagonist being a bookie. According to the book, the public don't like bookies, dunno why, you don't have to make a bet with them, and if you lose, its not their fault. We had a very good friend in England who was a bookie. This guy is not one of the big 'turf accountants' but one of the guys you see bantering with the public actually on the race course. I was staggered to learn how much things have changed, they now have computers with them and the 'tic tac man' doesn't exist any more. What is a tic tac man you ask? He used to stand in a prominent position so the bookies could see him and signal the changing odds on all the horses. If you are interested, there are videos on YouTube under Tic Tac Man. I have nearly finished reading The Ship Avenged by Anne McCaffery and S.M. Stirling. which is in the Brain Ship series. Anne McAffery is also writing in conjunction with her son in her Dragonriders of Pern series. Her son has written a couple of the books on his own too. Seems odd to me to allow other writers to play in your world, but I guess its great when its in the family.
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  1. I was also sent the bra thing by someone on Facebook and I did nothing about it.

    Hope all goes well for Matt tomorrow when he sees the dr.

  2. Thanks Marilyn - I hope so too.

    As for the bra thing, it is in aid of Breast Cancer as a reminder.