Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Monday, Bowling, Book.

Not really much to write about today. This morning, Monday, we zipped upstairs to get our hair cut, took half an hour for both of us. Very useful having a hairdresser in the building.

We then had lunch and skedaddled off to the bowling alley. Sadly our team only won 2 points although I personally had three very good games and my average went up 1.5 points. However, I think my rival probably did the same from the look of her scores. Guess I've had it as there aren't many weeks left. However, I am pretty pleased about my average anyway. Not been this high for a pretty long time.

We have some equipment which was brought in for Matt, bath stool, toilet extension, walker, which have not been collected although the therapist was supposed to have phoned them. I phoned them today and they are coming in on Wednesday. Matt went out today without a cane and seems to have been fine if a little tired.

A friend reminded me that I had attempted to write a book some years ago, biographical or memoirs etc. with recipes of course, and I hunted for it. Found a print out but couldn't find the computer version, finally did so. Read snippets of it and decided that although I have been proofing other people's writing, I need to proof mine. Just skimming through it I found quite a few errors. Guess I should go through it carefully. I am known by some of my cyber friends as Grandma Dragon so thought I would be silly and add this picture.

This was a recipe of my father's and one we loved. I have no idea where the name came from or even where he got the recipe from because I can find nothing on the internet except a completely different medical term. It is a delicious recipe even if I can't find anything to do with it or even a picture.


1 tbs olive oil                                                                   dry red wine
1 2 lge onions, chopped                                                  Pinch of cayenne
3 demitasse of garlic, crushed                                        Pinch of mace
2 tsp Paprika                                                                   1 fillet of haddock or cod per person
1 tube of tomato purée (4 2 to 5 oz)                                 Little wine vinegar
1 can tomatoes                                                                   salt and pepper
cornstarch                                                                          1 slice of bread per fillet
Olive oil for frying bread.

Soft fry onions and garlic in olive oil, add paprika, purée, tomatoes. Simmer for 5 minutes, thicken with cornstarch and then reduce with red wine to a nice smooth consistency. Add cayenne to taste and the mace. Simmer the sauce for about an hour until all well blended to form a purée. Place fillets in a greased baking dish, sprinkle with vinegar and seasonings. Cover with greased wax paper. Poach for approximately 20 minutes at 425NF. Meanwhile fry bread in the olive oil until crisp, serve fish on top of fried bread covered with the sauce.

Have a great day


  1. Grandma Dragon might be a cool title for the book!

  2. Hi Jo - wonderful to have your father's recipe ... and too your book - but glad you're both getting around ... take care and cheers Hilary

    1. Not the only one Hilary. Doubt I will ever do anything with my book now.

  3. Love the dragon GIF! Glad you are getting those items for Matt. I got a shower chair for Russell after his surgery but it just didn't fit well in the tub and it kept coming loose. I hope yours is sturdier than ours was.

  4. No, not getting them JoJo, returning them. They were supplied free during his convalescence when he broke his ankle bone. He maintains he doesn't need a bath stool. I have one which I use occasionally. We'll see if he needs one when this has gone.